March 09, 2010

Bull's Eye

My first Skew sock is very nearly finished. I've started the ribbing on the cuff, so I have only a few more rounds to go. This first photo is for Ryan, who wondered (wondered in a way that sounded kind of doubtful) whether my chosen yarn would make an interesting striping pattern on the heel:

Skew heel.jpg

Bull's eye!

I kitchenered the heel in the center of the dark green stripe. Originally I had thought a contrasting color for that little kitchenered seam would look even more interesting. Once I tried that, though, that one small row of 15 kitchenered stitches in a high contrast right in the center looked like a mistake. I'm happy I did it over in the matching color.

Side view:


This sock fits like the proverbial glove -- that "origami" heel is tight through the heel and across the top of the ankle. I am knitting these exactly as per pattern, and made exactly the number of recommended rounds for the foot length. I wish the heel came up higher, which would help the snugness issue. This "origami" heel, just like a short-row heel in other toe-up socks, only comes up so high. You don't have that flexibility to make a heel flap as long as you like, as you do with a cuff-down sock. Perhaps there's a way to fiddle with the Skew heel shaping and come up with a higher heel, but I don't know that I have the mental energy to deal with it. Has anyone else tried this?

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March 02, 2010


Here's something you don't see every day:


Scott with a cat in his lap!

This is our new member of the family, Gypsy. We adopted her about 10 days ago. I was browsing Craigslist one evening, and here was this little cat needing a new home. Gypsy's previous owner was an eldery lady who'd had to go into a nursing home, and the lady's other relatives didn't want the cat. So I think of this as a humanitarian effort. Gypsy is 7 years old, and tiny. She is also --


a Manx! My daughter Allegra did some research on the internet, and found out that Manx have different designations based on how long their tails are. She determined that Gypsy is a "rumpy riser!" Manx also have large eyes, which I think you get a sense of from this picture.

Initially, Scott was opposed. Malcolm is more than enough cat for the Campbell household! And Malcolm, being young, still has a lot of chi. Still, though Scott tries to not let on ... he has secretly become very fond of Gypsy.


In knitting news: My current project is the Skew socks from the Winter 2009 issue of Knitty. Marti of Weebug Knits can take the blame credit for getting me started on this oh-so-obsessive-compulsive project; she'd started hers and was a bit confused by the directions. I thought I'd take a look ... and these socks have the most interesting construction I've ever seen. I started reading the pattern on Knitty, getting more and more hooked into wanting to knit a pair ... and then I got to the end of the pattern and read the designer's bio:

"Lana Holden lives in rural Indiana with her crocheter/mathematician husband ... and more cats than strictly necessary...."

I'm so there!

I'm using Regia Design Line for these socks. The particular self-striping one I'm using is 4257 Twilight.

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