April 29, 2009


I overheard a woman today talking on her cell phone about "the swan flu." She was quite insistent about it being "the swan flu" to whomever it was on the receiving end of the call.

That's the swine flu, lady! Jeez.

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April 06, 2009


Lady says, "Thanks, everybody, for all the get-well wishes!"

Lady is back to doing almost all of her normal doggy activities -- sneaking the cat's food, and I even caught her trying to rub her neck in something stinky in the back yard. Since the surgery, much of the time she hasn't looked very pretty, so I haven't wanted to post photos of her. But she had a good fur day on Saturday, and the weather cooperated beautifully, so here goes!

She had a minor complication last week, which gave rise to a trip to the vet's on Wednesday and again on Friday. She developed a pocket of fluid, called a seroma, from the surgery. On Wednesday, the swollen spot was just the size of one of my fingers, and I could see a little bit of bruising on her skin. Dr. Amy put Lady on antibiotics. (We're on a first-name basis, now, the vet and I; I must be her best customer.) By Friday, though, the swelling was really pronounced and Lady was leaking fluid through her incision. So back to the vet we went. Dr. Amy drained the fluid and also inserted a drain tube. We are keeping Lady bandaged up so she doesn't leak all over my carpets.

Many of you have asked how Lady is getting around, and the answer is: Really well! Here's a shot of her from her good side:


And here she is in midstride, in full tail-wagging, dogtrotting motion, as seen from the amputated side:

What is interesting to me about this picture is that she has all her weight on her two left legs. She walks, or runs, by alternating steps with the front legs, and the back leg hops along behind. She isn't quite stable enough to make a tight turn, and she can't jump like she used to, but otherwise, she is very strong.


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