February 09, 2009

Because You Can't Do Yarn 24/7

People who know me, live and in person and not just from my online presence, know that I've taken up yoga in the last three or so years. My daughters like to go, too. We go to a couple of viniyoga studios: one, Heartbeat Yoga, is in Kent not far from where I live, and the other, Whole Life Yoga, is in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle and not far from Jennie's apartment.

Viniyoga is a gentle form of yoga that allows poses to be adapted for an individual's unique needs. (This is not to say that we don't do difficult poses, like Half Moon pose, or challenging sequences like Sun Salutations -- we do! But viniyoga isn't about a goal of achieving XYZ position perfectly; rather, it is about getting the optimum benefit from the pose while still honoring how far your own ligaments will take you.)

Jennie and I have become mildly obsessed enough with our yoga practice that we have embarked upon the 200-hour yoga teacher training program offered at Whole Life Yoga. Our training just started this month; we'll graduate in November. Like a Where's Waldo? drawing, see if you can spot us in this picture:


In a typical class at either studio, you probably would not spend any time doing any of the other layers of yoga: meditation or breathwork. In our teacher training, we will explore these more fully. For someone who's naturally reflective, like I am (I majored in Philosophy, after all), these layers have huge appeal.

Because woman cannot live by yarn alone . . . .

Posted by Karen at 07:48 AM