May 31, 2008


Jeane de Coster came up from California to help me out in my booth during the Madrona Fiber Arts retreat -- and she brought with her all of the new colors she's been dyeing in her line of Shetland fingering weight yarns, Elemental Affects. She has also added one new, undyed, natural color (Mioget). She had listened to the Feral Knitters' requests for more colors, both light and dark in value, such as yellows and reds. The new dyed colors include some really wonderful blues that I could just stare at all day:



and this warm red with the fun name:


I owe a BIG thank you to Wendi, who photographed all of the new colors of Elemental Affects for me.

You'll recall that some of my friends had lent me some of their hand-knits so that I could display them in my booth; among these was a rectangular shawl that Karen H. had knitted in Kidsilk Haze. Called Madli's Shawl, from an old and out-of-print summer issue of Interweave Knits, it is a pattern I have oftern admired and wanted to make. And what a piece of knitting it was: with a zig-zagging Estonian lace pattern, and nupps, and lace borders on each end.

At one point during the retreat, when the shoppers all seemed to be in classes and I was concentrating on fluffing the yarn on the shelves, Jeane was showing the shawl to a woman who'd come into our booth. Jeane called over to me, "Karen, have you ever met Nancy Bush?"

"No," I said.

"Would you like to?" Jeane asked.

And, lo and behold, the woman admiring the shawl was Nancy Bush herself -- the designer of Madli's Shawl. And Nancy Bush told me that although the Interweave Knits issue is out of print, the shawl pattern will be re-published in her new book of lace patterns that is due out this fall.

On Sunday, the last and traditionally the slowest day of the retreat, Nancy Bush taught her Estonian lace knitting class. I was surprised and pleased that she told her students about the Madli's Shawl on display in my booth, and many of them came by to admire its nupp-y beauty.

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