March 20, 2008


I know the blog has been looking like I've fallen off the face of the earth . . . or, at least, fallen out of cyberspace. It's been a month since the Madrona Fiber Arts retreat, and I am overdue in posting photos. Without further ado, here are a few shots that are designed to show you the booth in all of its glory:

This photo courtesy of Michale. That's me, standing in the booth ready for business, wearing the Autumn Rose sweater.

This photo courtesy of my DH Scott. He took it Sunday afternoon, when things at the retreat were winding down. It looks like we have no customers! But the whole four days of the retreat, we were hopping -- it all went by in a blur. It is true, though, that Sunday afternoon there was less traffic. That's me at left, and Arlene (from Guild and Nihon Vogue class), who graciously volunteered a couple of afternoons of her time to help me out.

Another photo courtesy of DH Scott, to show you the booth from the other angle. Two Swans has a lot of yarn! The booth showcased the Spindrift, front and center, plus J&S 2ply, Kidsilk Haze, Nashua Julia, Satakieli, Simply Shetland's two yarns (Silk & Lambswool and Lambswool & Cashmere) and a random assortment of sock yarns . . . but there was a lot of yarn that I had to choose to not bring to the retreat. Wow, has my little shop grown over these past four-plus years.

I learned so much from the booth that I had at last year's retreat. This year, as you can see, I signed up for a space that was twice the size. This meant more shelving, and at least twice as much yarn. (I have to pass along this remark that I think is so cute: One of my volunteers said to me, 'You have more yarn here than any other shop!' 'Naaah,' I said, 'that's not so.' So I sent her out on a reconnaissance mission. Truly, there were a couple of other shops that had brought in more yarn than I did . . . but only a couple.) But aside from the larger scale of this booth, I planned better for easier access into and out of the booth. This year, there were at least three retreatants who were in wheelchairs, and any of them could easily come in and get to the yarn on the shelves -- something that was just not possible last year.

To close this entry, let me extend my overdue thanks to all of the people who helped me put this together:
To my daughter Jennie, my friends Amy, Dan H., and Steve S. for setting up the booth with me,
To Anne, June, Andrea, Jeane, Karen H., and Sirkku for their knitted sample garments,
To Lori, Arlene, my sister Shirley, and Jeane for volunteering their time to help staff the booth,
To my DH Scott who helped me with the big picture of planning, who spent an evening assembling the new shelving, whose company produced that awesome sign, and who just generally strives in that impossible task of keeping me organized.

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