September 02, 2010


I am sure that long-time readers of this blog are feeling like they have flipped to The Yoga Channel. Looking back over my blog -- where it came from, where it's been, where it might be going -- blogging has meant different things to me at different times. My original vision, the idea behind "Ideaphoria," was that I was going to be a creativity coach, back in 2004, and use this blog to write inspiring posts. That career never really came to be.

Instead, this blog morphed into a place to promote Two Swans Yarns, as well as a place to post my personal knitting and fiber adventures. It also became a convenient place to post family news, for those readers who are family members. And currently, I see it as a place to post news about my adventures in yoga, both as a student and as a teacher. To wit:

I will be teaching an All-levels Drop-in class at Whole Life Yoga in Greenwood. It's at 6:15 AM -- don't laugh! -- on Tuesday mornings. (I have often taken the M/W/F 6:15 AM class, so I feel great about starting a 6:15 AM class.) This class begins September 7.

I will be teaching a series at Whole LIfe Yoga in Greenwood. This series is "Energize and Strengthen" and will be Saturday mornings from 9:00 - 10:15 AM, September 11 through October 16.

I also will be teaching at Heartbeat Healing Arts in downtown Kent. Also on Tuesdays, this class will be at 6:15 - 7:30 in the evening. This All-levels Drop-in class will begin September 21.

I am THRILLED!!!! to be offered these classes at these studios. And I am very excited to share my joy in yoga with other people.

And I am continuing to teach an All-levels Drop-in class on Thursday evenings at Seattle Viniyoga, 6:15 - 7:30 PM.

Is there any fiber news, any at all? Currently on the needles is a Baby Surprise Jacket, and currently on the warping board is some CottoLin for some dishtowels.

Posted by Karen at September 2, 2010 07:45 AM