June 03, 2009


Here it is, June already! And this month marks the one-year anniversary of when I last had any stock of Jamieson's color cards. That's right -- for a whole year, I haven't had any color cards. The mill is in the process of revising the color card to show the new Spindrift colors now available, and, apparently, it is a very long process.

And I know that many, many, many of you knitters out there want color cards! Especially new color cards that will show the new Spindrift colors that are now available! I get about 4 requests per day for color cards, and I really try to meet each request graciously ... even though, in effect, I am saying No, no, no, sorry, no over and over and over to the point where I am sick of hearing myself say it. I used to tell people I'd have cards in a couple of months ... but as the months have turned into a year, I no longer even pretend to know when I might have more color cards.

Last week, I received an exceedingly nasty e-mail from a knitter who had inquired previously about getting a color card. Obviously, I must be deliberately withholding a color card from her! Obviously, by withholding a color card from her, I am ruining her life! She called into question my character; I think she would go so far as to put me out of business, if she had that power.

What I really wanted to reply to her was: You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar! Sending me an exceedingly nasty e-mail does not make me want to send you a color card, even if I had one to send.

Instead, what I wrote to her is what I tell everyone: I will add you to my list of people to notify, and when I get more color cards in, I'll let you know and you can buy one then.

Meanwhile, let's keep a sense of perspective about this. If there's a particular color or colors that you are interested in, the best suggestion I can make (until the new cards are here) is that you buy a skein of it so that you can see that color up close and personal. Remember, you're building your paint box for Fair Isle knitting....

Posted by Karen at June 3, 2009 08:25 AM

Sigh. I just don't GET knitters anymore. And I AM one!

Posted by: Ryan at June 3, 2009 09:26 AM

People are generally grouchy right now, and we all need to try extra-hard not to be. Sorry that someone took their bad day out on you!

Posted by: Anne at June 3, 2009 02:36 PM

Next time, suggest that the knitter ponder a life-threatening disease or other catastrophe, and then tell her/him to consider how important that color card is in the bigger scheme.

Posted by: Irene at June 8, 2009 08:01 AM

So, how did it come to pass that you are the only yarn shop that has color cards for Spindrift? Are they completely exclusive to you, or only in the US? Oh, you do not have an exclusive relationship with them? She just just choose to go off on you and you alone for this lacking? Oh, you just have so much pull with the universe as to control whether or not she can have a color card...how did you get to high ranking? Oh, you aren't...she is just a nasty, ill-behaved person. Well, at least you didn't say it, I did. ;)

Many years ago I worked in product support for a seasonal type software package. Each year, at the end of the season, the 'regular' support people (the ones that worked year around, not just busy season) got to nominate one customer for firing (yes, corporate ownership stood by us enough to be willing to lose a customer a year that was just too hard to bear.) The nasty-gram would have put her in the running. I don't think it would have topped the guy who started each phone call with 'what is your name, you are being named in a lawsuit against your company...' He ticked off upper management so much, they offered to convert his files to a different software program.

Posted by: PICAdrienne at June 12, 2009 12:33 AM