December 22, 2008


Here are the highlights of the shortest day of the year. It just doesn't get more wintry than this!

Scott plowed the driveway with his tractor so that we could back my car out of the garage, and pile firewood in the garage where my car used to be.

The view from our front porch at 3:00 in the afternoon -- getting dark, so soon:

Allegra built a snow fort yesterday. Here is how it looks this morning, covered in the snow that fell last night:


It's pretty well buried, eh?

I can't resist the ironic shot of snow-covered patio furniture.

We got a snowfall of at least 4-1/2" yesterday during the day and overnight, accumulating on top of what was already there, for a total of 9". I am thankful that our power has stayed on.

Okay, enough snow. I am ready for the days to get longer and sunnier.

Posted by Karen at December 22, 2008 09:38 AM

There are 18" in our front yard! I wish I could hole up in the house to read, knit and drink tea, but we are still getting to work every day, thanks to Kermit, our 4-wheel drive Jeep. I could use that tractor, though!

Posted by: Anne at December 22, 2008 09:46 PM