January 20, 2008

JANUARY 20, 2008


My dear friend Anne finished my Duxbury Point sweater! And it fits perfectly. I wore it to Nihon knitting class last weekend, and it was duly admired.

The main subject of class was: sleeves. I am so far behind in my homework that I didn't get a sleeve knitted, so there was no seaming for me! But here's a picture of my seatmate, Arlene, and her sleeve pinned into her sweater and ready to seam. With all the bamboo pins sticking up, it looked like shark's teeth! (That's Shiori and Andrea in the background, looking as if they've never had a moment of stress about getting their homework done.)


Using Arlene's sweater, Jean demonstrated how to crochet the seam:


* * *

I got a new computer in November, and subsequent events are something that could be right out of the pages of the children's book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. One thing leads to another. The new computer and my old camera weren't compatible. (My old camera was a mere 5 years old -- and already obsolete! Harumph!) I got a new camera for Christmas. Until then, every time I wanted to upload a photo to my blog or to the Two Swans site, I had to go the long 'way 'round. (I resorted to taking the old camera to the camera store and burning CDs of the photos; then I could load the CDs into the new computer....) And now that I have the driver on the new computer able to work with the new camera, every time I want to upload photos, it feels like I have to figure out how to transfer the images as if for the first time.

All of this messing around with cameras and drivers has put a crimp in my blogging and my listing of new products on the Two Swans site.

But here are a couple of things I have listed recently:


Light Blue, a new-to-Two-Swans color of Satakieli. It is meant for Lene's Rovaniemi fingerless mitts, about which she wrote an article and pattern that appear in the current issue of Piecework :


I'm kitting up the yarns for these mitts.

Soon, Susanna Hansson will be publishing a pattern for Rovaniemi mittens, and I'll be selling kits for hers, as well. Stay tuned!

And also making a long-overdue debut on the Two Swans site is the new yarn from Crystal Palace, Panda Silk.
I am carrying most of the colors. It comes in solids and variegateds. Only today did I begin successfully taking pictures of the yarns and uploading them, so continue to check back over the next day or two and see what colors I've added most recently. This is a particularly lustrous yarn; it would make gorgeous socks but it is so drapey and lustrous, it just begs to not be hidden under pant legs or inside shoes but instead to be shown off as a lacy scarf or shawl.


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