October 28, 2007


If you haven't already heard of it, the Modern Quilt Wrap is a hot project right now. The MQW was designed by Mags Kandis and was published in the new book from Interweave Press, Folk Style. It's a very large rectangular scarf that uses modular knitting to create a sort of patchwork-quilt-looking block design. And, best of all, it uses what is probably my favorite yarn of all time, Kidsilk Haze. You can tell how fond I am of Kidsilk Haze just by glancing at the banner for this blog.

Now, I mean no disrespect to Mags Kandis or the folks at Interweave Press. But when I first laid eyes on the pattern, I wondered why it uses the set of Kidsilk Haze colors that it does. It uses an older set of colors . .. . the color Meadow being the most-recently introduced one and it dates from Spring 2006. It doesn't use any colors introduced in Fall of 2006, or Spring of 2007. And there were some great colors that were introduced at those times! And then there is the matter of Swish. The pattern calls for Swish; no color of KSH has been discontinued recently, except for Swish. I do have some Swish in stock, but I do not know whether I would be able to re-order any.

Here's the original set of KSH colors, as per the pattern:


Left to right, these are Drab, Swish, Jelly, Marmalade, Liqueur, Blushes, Dewberry, Trance, Meadow.

Now, one of the great things about KSH is that you can pick just about any nine colors of it and they'll work together in your MQW.

When I was temporarily out of stock of the color Swish, for example, I discovered that many customers were substituting the color Elegance. Although not as bright as Swish, Elegance works well with Drab and helps to set off the other colors. I had some knitters over to my house last weekend, and we had out the colors and discussed the relative merits of substituting Elegance or Bronze (a Kidsilk Night color) for Swish. (It was a dead-even tie, by the way.)

I've often been contacted by customers who want to make a MQW but one color or another of the original set doesn't appeal to them. (A lot of us are leery of Marmalade.) The photo below shows the color set that would be my choice for the MQW:


Left to right: Drab, Swish, Fern, Jelly, Trance, Candy Girl, Splendour, Violetta, Dewberry.

This color set makes excellent use of Fern with Jelly, which I think go so much better together than do Meadow with Jelly. And this also incorporates Violetta and Splendour (Violetta being one of my favorite colors).

If that is a little too bright, consider this set:


Left to right: Drab, Elegance, Fern, Jelly, Trance, Blushes, Splendour, Violetta, Dewberry.

That's the great thing about KSH -- pick any nine colors, and it's hard to go wrong.

Posted by Karen at October 28, 2007 11:54 AM

Gotta love when new patterns come out with OLD yarn colors....

Posted by: --Deb at October 28, 2007 03:37 PM

What I have learned about the design process is that it can take 1-2 years for a design to reach print. My guess is that Mags knit the original from her stash in 2005, and used the colors available at the time. KSH is a real favorite of mine, and I tend to buy a ball or two of a new color every once in awhile. KSH wraps are on my wish list, and I may very well make this design. By the way, I love Marmalade! I paired it with some orange worsted to make leg warmers for my daughter, and it turned out great. KSH is a wonderful carry-along yarn.

Your colorways are really fun!

Posted by: Anne at October 28, 2007 04:58 PM

I love marmalade! I wasn't so much a orange-y person but I've grown to love and I love it with all the other colors!

As you know...I'm doing all the original colors except drab. I just don't like the name of it! Drab?! I substituted Anthracite!

Such a fun knit! It is definitely a 'just one more row' kind of project!

Posted by: Naomi at October 30, 2007 05:15 PM