July 26, 2007



A case of Simply Shetland Book 4 arrived on my doorstep yesterday afternoon, just when I was wondering what I was going to knit next. ;-)

A note about the Autumn Rose pullover -- Yes, I swatched for this tour-de-force design by Eunny Jang back in June. No, I did not start the sweater, for lack of the color Yellow Ochre.

I like to say that Two Swans stocks all colors of Spindrift, all the time. And 99-percent of the time, this is true. I buy good quantities of Spindrift to keep in inventory; I don't stint on any of the colors. But Yellow Ochre was a color Eunny Jang also used in her tremendously popular Venezia pullover, and it was a color that I -- and the distributor -- ran out of. At the time that I made my swatch, I had enough Yellow Ochre left over from another project to create the swatch.

In fact, as the "yarn year" has ran down (by which I mean the year has reached the peak of the summer months), I -- and the distributor -- have been completely wiped out of half a dozen colors of Spindrift. Simply Shetland had been waiting for their fall shipment of yarns to arrive from Shetland. So I've been in the rare position of having customers waiting for backordered colors of Spindrift.

The good news is that these yarns are now in this country -- and my fall order was shipped to me two days ago, so should be arriving very, very soon.

Simply Shetland Book 4 also uses two new yarns: a Shetland lambswool/cashmere blend that knits at a sport or DK weight, and a Shetland lambswool/silk blend that knits at a fingering weight. Each of these new yarns comes in 16 colors -- vivid reds and purples, a great range of blues and greens, and some nice neutral gray shades. Look for them at Two Swans soon!

Posted by Karen at July 26, 2007 09:56 AM

I love that pullover! I just ordered it. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Posted by: kendall at July 30, 2007 09:06 AM