April 26, 2007


Here are a few photos from the gathering at Naomi's last Saturday. Allegra and I had to schedule our time around Allegra's dance class, so we arrived at Naomi's in the late afternoon.

Gail, showing the Dragonfly Vest (a Janine Bajus design) that she's knitting with yarns from Two Swans. We put together a mix of Jamieson and J&S yarns for this vest. (Yes, Two Swans does have some inventory of J&S, but I haven't yet listed it on the website. I'm always a little behind!)

Naomi and Melinda. You can tell what a relaxing afternoon it was by this picture. In addition to knitting and spinning, we got to feed the koi in the pond in Naomi's backyard, and to watch the sailboats going by on Lake Washington, and feast on all kinds of good food. Thanks so much for a lovely afternoon, Naomi!

What's this? Is Allegra demonstrating a new method of knitting? Is she such a blur of knitting activity? No, Allegra just didn't want me to take a picture of her to put on my blog. Allegra was starting the second of a pair of legwarmers for herself.

While at Naomi's, I worked some on my secret project. At this point, I have only the tiniest amount of finishing work left to do on it . . . . Pictures later.

Here's something I will show you a photo of right now, though. I have signed up for Janine's Design Your Own Fair Isle class. There's quite a sizeable homework swatch for it. Although the class isn't until May 18, I actually started the swatch last night:

Naomis 007.jpg

I'm not pulling an all-nighter, this time around. Hurrah for me. I'm using Spindrift in the colors Turf and Sand.

In Two Swans Yarns news: Yes, we have copies of Terri Shea's new book, Selbuvotter.

Posted by Karen at April 26, 2007 11:13 AM

Karen, I just had to say hello. I'm another knitting Karen and next-door neighbor to the Karen of your April 1 post.

Although I've taken classes in Fair Isle, I've yet to do a full project. One of the Sally Mellville classes I've signed up for when she comes to Bainbridge is on stranding techniques. I may need to practice afterward with some of your beautiful yarns.

Posted by: KarenJoSeattle at April 27, 2007 05:57 PM