April 22, 2007


Chez Campbell, we celebrated Earth Day by watching the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? The electric car has been killed more than once, we learned. In the very early days of automobiles, before the Model T and before the Model A, there were more electric-powered horseless carriages on the road than there were those powered by internal combustion engines.

But the movie's focus is on the cars that were all-electric and were manufactured by Honda, GM, and Toyota for the California market in the mid-1990s. The cars were completely functional, and produced zero greenhouse emissions! Then in the early 2000s, for reasons that shock the conscience, the cars were taken away from consumers by those car manufacturers and destroyed.

(This link provides more info about the movie, and suggests you support the organization Plug In America by ordering your copy of the movie from them. Not to discourage you from doing this, but we rented our copy from our local Blockbuster. We thought it 90 minutes well spent -- in fact, I was quite fired up, after seeing it -- and we recommend this movie to you.)


I often think of polar bears as being the poster children for global warming. It's hard to connect to global warming in the abstract, but who doesn't want to save these big, furry, innocent creatures? For the past several months, I've been supporting the Center for Biological Diversity in its efforts to get polar bears added as a threatened species to the Endangered Species List. I hope you'll take a minute to check out the Center's website, and think about supporting it, too.

Posted by Karen at April 22, 2007 08:19 PM

Thank you for the tip. I will check it out!

Posted by: Naomi at April 24, 2007 06:34 AM

good post, mom. way to light a fire under those readers' tails!

Posted by: DD#1 at April 30, 2007 09:29 PM