April 01, 2007

APRIL 1, 2007

Dr Hsu had recommended a shop in Chinatown as the best place in Seattle to get tea, and called, simply enough, Seattle Best Tea. My current cannister of Republic of Tea brand of green tea, the brand that I usually buy from the grocery store, was getting low. I thought it might be interesting to visit this shop I'd heard about and interesting to try a green tea that would be more deluxe.

To round out this proposed adventure, I arranged to meet up with Karen for lunch, since she lives downtown and meeting up in Chinatown would be easy. A longtime customer of Two Swans, she and I met in person at my booth at the Madrona retreat in January and, having met up for a coffee date at Elliott Bay Books afterward, have discovered we have many common interests. While I'm filling in this bit of backstory, let me show you this picture from our coffee date earlier this month:

Karen was in the throes of knitting a gansey for her father-in-law, and had brought along the sleeve to show me, so she's modeling it for the camera. The sweater is Kinsale from Fishermen's Sweaters, and she used Jamieson's DK in the color Foxglove. (Note the Roscalie cardigan casually thrown against the back of her chair. Can this woman knit, or what?)

Geographically impaired as I am, I'd had this notion that Seattle Best Tea was going to be within walking distance from the restaurant, but it was further away than I realized. Well, we could have walked there, but it would have been more like a hike. However, Kinokuniya Bookstore was just across the street, and so after lunch we agreed to skip the tea shop and browse Japanese knitting books. It turned out, too, that neither of us could resist stationery supplies. Kinokuniya has a great selection of pens and pencils, rivaled, I think, only by University Book Store. I ended up getting a book on knitting beaded wrist warmers and accessories, and a ball point pen in just the particular shade of gorgeous dark green that I've been looking for for the last couple of months.

It was a sunny day, if not warm. After shopping we spent a little time outside of Uwajimaya and I showed Karen a few of my drop spindles. At the last Feral Knitters, June had been downsizing her collection of drop spindles, and I'd bought a quick and smooth little Mount Si model of Cascade drop spindle from her. Not that my drop spindling is progressing, particularly -- but I am ever hopeful that I'll get the hang of it, one of these days. Karen gave me a few pointers, using the Mount Si:


Although I looked at green teas in Uwajimaya, I couldn't decide which to buy, and will have to pay a visit to the tea shop another time.

In spinning-related, Two Swans news: Two Swans has been carrying Spin-Off since last fall. The fall and winter issues sold out before I ever got them listed on the website! I've been waiting and waiting for my shipment of the spring issue; when I saw the box that they arrived in, I understood immediately the cause for their delay. The box had completely burst open, and some angel who works for the post office had taped the box all back together. Fortunately, none of the copies of the magazine that were inside the box were damaged in any way. Whew!

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