February 23, 2007


Terri has entrusted me with proofreading her soon-to-be-published book on Selbu mittens and gloves. Proofreading is even more fun for me than knitting, because I take so much pleasure in adding a comma here, correcting a misspelled word there. (This is not to suggest that Terri's text needs a lot of proofreading -- she is a fine writer.)

So I'm the lucky one who gets a sneak peek at the contents of Selbuvotter, beyond just the mitten pattern that I test-knit previously -- and let me tell ya, there are some really pretty designs in this book! The mittens and gloves are all color-stranded designs. A couple of the glove patterns are amazingly feminine, due to the curviness of their motifs. I'm sure that I'll be making a few pairs of from this book.

When the book is printed, you'll be able to buy copies from Terri's website, or from your favorite yarn shop and mine, Two Swans Yarns.

* * *

This coming weekend, I'm registered for classes at the Blue Mountain Feng Shui Institute. I've had an interest in feng shui for the last five or so years, and have read several books on the subject (and waded through some conflicting and baffling information this way, too).

Here's how much I'm really certain that I know about feng shui, before going in for classes: (1) Clearing clutter is a good thing. (2) Keeping things in good repair is essential. This means the light bulb burned out over the kitchen table needs my immediate attention -- and we are going to have to get the leak under the kitchen sink repaired, pronto. (3) I'm not positive, but I think that it is not good feng shui to leave sitting on the doorstep the dead birds and dead mice that the cats bring us.

What's particularly motivating me to sign up for classes now is that I made a New Year's resolution to redecorate our family room, and I expect that being more knowledgeable about feng shui will help me to decorate the room in a way that will make it more comfortable and inviting. Our family room is an odd shape: more than twice as long as it is wide, with a great stone fireplace at the farthest end. I don't know much about decorating to begin with, and this room has had me stumped since the day we moved here.

I don't know anything about the Blue Mountain Feng Shui Institute, other than that its website looks really impressive, and the way that the classes appear to have scope and sequence resonates with that part of me that's been a perpetual college student. I hope to learn a lot -- and I hope my expectations are not too high.

* * *

In Two Swans Yarns news: Spring products are beginning to arrive: The Kasbah and Bamboo Tape Collection books from Rowan, along with more colors of Calmer and of Summer Tweed. (I'm still on the lookout for the new shades of Kidsilk Haze that I've ordered.) I'm working on getting all of these listed on the site.

Posted by Karen at February 23, 2007 11:35 AM

I admire people that know, and use, correct grammar. I am so far from that!!

Have a great time at your class. It sounds very interesting. I hope to hear/see more in upcoming posts.

Posted by: Naomi at February 24, 2007 10:44 AM

I forgot to add that the books looks incredible. Put me on your list of "for sure" purchasers! Do we get a signed copy too?

Posted by: Naomi at February 24, 2007 10:45 AM