October 12, 2006


Momentum. A recurring theme for my blog and my life. I'd been making progress on my Level II submission for the Master Knitter program -- got that vest knitted, by gum! But then I set it all aside in order to prepare for my presentation at Guild in September. And I haven't touched the materials since.

Lizabeth and I met for coffee today, to get back to working on the program. After some mad rummaging around in my closet, I managed to find my Level II binder to bring along to our coffee date. That's how long it'd been since I'd touched the materials -- out of sight, out of mind -- I couldn't even remember where I'd put my binder. And my instructions from TKGA were not in the binder, so I have yet to unearth those.


Lizabeth's vest doesn't look much different from when you last saw it here on Ideaphoria, but let me assure you, she's knitted it up past the armhole breaks, then ripped back, and done many a pencil-pushing calculation to try to incorporate the needed shaping into the stitch pattern. That pocket of mine is my second iteration of that particular swatch, and a great improvement over my first try, which came out sort of trapezoidal (due to far too much fiddling and fussing over the ribbing at the top of the pocket -- a lesson that one really should not overthink or overwork these things).

We met at the Columbia City Bakery. I'd never been there before, but you can tell by the latte cups, the fresh tulips in vases, the wooden tables and chairs, that this is a place with great ambience. (What a juxtaposition -- to find fresh tulips on the tables in this cafe, when only yesterday the Zestful Gardens farm had suffered its first frost. In our modern lives, are we in tune with the seasons?) I didn't find a website for Columbia City Bakery, but I did find that a Seattleite had put some pictures on flickr that capture some of that ambience -- click here to see them.

Posted by Karen at October 12, 2006 04:41 PM