August 15, 2006


This is my problem child, Nippy -- so named because we adopted him from a shelter when Jennie was 5, and she thought that was the cutest name for a cat. He's camera-shy, and so has not appeared on this blog before. He's been losing weight; I even realize, looking at this photo, that his collar hangs on him. A recent trip to the vet to update his vaccinations revealed that he's lost a pound a half since last November, when he last visited the vet to have his teeth cleaned, and had routine blood tests for kidney function, etc., which came back normal. I'd attributed his weight loss and concomitant lack of energy to old age -- Nippy is 14, getting up there in years, for a cat.

So at this most recent trip to the vet, she wanted to run blood and urine tests on him. The urine test revealed an infection that the vet didn't identify, but she put him on a course of antibiotics. The antibiotic is in liquid form, and I squirt into his mouth with a syringe, and medicating him has not been a problem. When the blood tests came back, the vet diagnosed Nippy with an overactive thyroid, and prescribed thyroid medication. This is a tiny pill. Tiny. The first time I tried to give it to him, prying his mouth open and sticking the pill as far back on his tongue as I could manage, he clamped his jaws down on my finger as hard as he could.

My finger throbbed horribly, and the next morning was red and swollen. So I went to the doctor. And I wound up on a course of antibiotics, myself. The good news was that, even though it was my right index finger, I was still able to knit while waiting at the doctor's office and the pharmacy.

Nippy, despite his name, has not been a biter. I suppose I asked for it -- I did have my finger in his mouth, after all.

Subsequently, we've been grinding up the thyroid pills and giving it to him in his canned food. I'm ordering the prescription compounded as a chewable tablet, which will be even easier to give him.

Nippy has been thriving on all of this attention.

Some of the other members of the family would like equal time on the blog:


This is Cappuccino, a purebred Snowshoe, who came all the way from Mexico, New York, to live with us. He's quite the handsome fellow. That low chain fence marks the perimeter of the horse riding arena in our backyard. Cappy likes to walk along under the chain, and scratch his back on it. Clever, eh? And Lady is doing what Lady does best: Herding Cappy.


Some days I think we should get a sheep so that Lady can herd it and have a real job.

I imagine you're thinking that I'm putting up all of these animal photos because I don't have any knitting progress to show you. Au contraire!

Rebecca and I got together for coffee on Saturday, and to discuss Master Knitting. (She's just started Level I.) I was just in the beginning rounds of the ribbing for the V-neck on my vest, at that time.

Rebecca with the famous purple sweater, the seams on which were looking really good! My vest is that pile at the right, in this photo. Allegra came to Starbucks with me, but chose to sit at her own table and read a book and pretend that she didn't know us.


I laid out the vest for blocking on Sunday evening. The vest has been it's own kind of problem child, but the good news is: It fits! I still have to stitch down my steeks on the inside, and to weave in some ends.

Posted by Karen at August 15, 2006 11:07 AM

your daughter really looks like you in that photo! your poor finger.

Posted by: vanessa at August 15, 2006 11:57 AM

Karen, your vest looks lovely and the detail is impecable. I enjoyed your posting on trusting the experts. Trying out both "p/u stiches" method was very enlightening. thank you for sharing. Also, if you make the SKG meeting, maybe you'll bring it to show and tell (?).

Posted by: Lizbeth at August 15, 2006 12:26 PM

your vest is beautiful. i hope that the thyroid meds work for nippy, and it is a good reminder that i get my kitty into the vet, for the same reasons (they are even close to the same age)

Posted by: marti at August 15, 2006 12:40 PM

Nippy is a beautiful cat! Thanks for the pet show and tell. Allegra does look like you in that photo and such a pretty smile too! Your vest is absolutely perfect. Any chance we can see it being modeled?

Posted by: Jewel at August 15, 2006 04:24 PM

The vest is looking so very good!

Your daughter looks amused behind me in that photo. She was so patient while we discussed yarn and knitting and other surely boring things for a teenager.

I love all the animal pics!

Posted by: Rebecca at August 16, 2006 04:05 PM