May 11, 2006


Last Thursday, due to some miserable traffic, I was a little late getting to Green Lake for our appointed walk, but Linda K was patiently waiting for me. After all, she had her knitting to keep her occupied:

greenlake 003.jpg

I was surprised that she was knitting, because she'd talked about drop spindle spinning while we walked. But she thought knitting would be easier, for our first time around. She's got a wrist ball holder, and two balls of Koigu. She's knitting the two strands together into a hat.

greenlake 002.jpg

Green Lake is my favorite walk: 2.8 level miles. There's usually lots of good people-watching and good dog-watching, too. We paused in our knitting to dodge many baby strollers, and pet lots of dogs. I got three rows done on my Salina sweater. Three rows in the approximately one hour time it took us to walk around the lake. Obviously, one doesn't walk and knit for production knitting. I used my wrist ball holder that I bought recently at Lacis in Berkeley. I suppose I can't say it enough: It's always good to have a stockinette project like this ever at the ready.

And, in addition to the people-watching and dog-watching, Green Lake is just a serene place to get in touch with the cycle of the seasons. At one point we saw four little yellow tufts floating on the water:

greenlake 004.jpg


Posted by Karen at May 11, 2006 09:31 AM

i love walking around green lake and knitting. not sure about walking around green lake and spinning though, i would probably fall flat on my face.

Posted by: marti at May 23, 2006 09:29 PM