April 17, 2006



I knitted a few rounds of the Lupine Lace Socks on Easter Sunday. I'm using Shepherd Sock in the color Periwinkle. Photographed here with grape hyacinths blooming in our front yard. The pattern, so far, is very straightforward. You'll find the Lupine Lace knit-along on Yahoo Groups here.

Upcoming events this week:

Monday, April 17 - Feral Knitters tonight!
Thursday through Monday, April 20 - 24 - I'll be in Oakland, attending the TKGA convention, and meeting in person e-mail penpals Frances, Nancy, and Jewel for the first time

For the TKGA convention, I'm signed up for a classes on Bavarian Twisted Stitches, Norwegian Mittens, Cast-ons and Bind-offs, and Knit to Fit. You've probably noticed that the last two times I've taken classes that required homework, I've waited until the last possible moment to start knitting those homework swatches. I'm determined to be better prepared for the convention. So I spent time Easter evening reading over the homework. Bavarian Twisted Stitches, Cast-ons and Bind-offs, and Knit to Fit all have no homework, other than to bring various kinds of yarns, needles, and supplies. (Hooray!) And the homework for Norwegian Mittens requires only casting on 40 stitches and working a k2, p2 ribbing for 10 rounds -- I think I can get that done even before the flight to California.

Posted by Karen at April 17, 2006 12:05 PM

Oh, so pretty! Periwinkle is my favorite color, it was always my favorite crayon in the crayola box of 64.

Posted by: Linda at April 17, 2006 01:02 PM

I'll get to my Lupine sock. Soon I hope. I'll be seeing you very soon. YAY!!!

Posted by: Jewel at April 17, 2006 04:03 PM

what a perfect photo! that is one pattern that is on my must buy list!

Posted by: marti at April 17, 2006 09:24 PM

I was on my way to drool over some Lorna's Laces at Two Swans Yarns when I saw that gorgeous picture. The flowers, the yarn, they are just perfect.

Posted by: Adriana at April 18, 2006 12:18 AM

what a lovely photo!

Posted by: vanessa at April 18, 2006 04:35 PM