February 24, 2006


Shedir 007.jpg
Shedir, she is finished! Before I send her off, Bertie Bear agreed to model her.

Top view, so that you can appreciate the beautiful star shaping:

I'm pleased with how this chemo cap turned out. I've generally had problems with the tension on the reverse stockinette background of cable stitches (which is why I generally avoid knitting cables), but this cap had relatively few tension problems. My efforts at improvement in this area are paying off. And, knitting in the round, rather than flat and back-and-forth, I am sure also contributed to my success in this.

The pattern stated that it would use a whole ball of Rowan Calmer, but I had quite a number of yards left over, which is probably the result of my tight knitting. The cap is very stretchy (as the pattern states it would be), and fits me, so I'm confident it will fit the intended giftee.

Last Monday night we had an excellent turnout for our Ferals meeting. I think I now know the secret to a big draw: Hold our meeting on a holiday so that people aren't feeling pressured to come right after work, and have Andrea invite everyone to bring their spinning wheels. Not only were plenty of Feral knitters there spinning that evening, but we also attracted quite a few passers-by who inquired about our group. It is typical that when we meet, one or two people will come over and ask about our knitting. But the spinning wheels were a huge attraction.

Margarite was there with her spinning wheel and also showing off the major portion of the Jacobean bag:
Shedir 002.jpg
It was so carefully knitted, you'd never know it was her first intarsia project. She's working on knitting the sides, adding the embroidered details, and then felting the bag.

Linda "K" brought show-and-tell from her recent stay in India. The wooden beads in her right hand are fragrant sandalwood beads; the ethnic socks in her left hand were hand-knitted.

It was great to see some faces of Fair Isle knitters who haven't joined us in a long time, like Sandra:

Shedir 005.jpg

She's working on a Fair Isle of her own design, using Dale Tiur wool, and it is gorgeous.

Yesterday, I met up with Joy and Laura-Lee for lunch and knitting. Theoretically, we are all working on our Master Knitter materials, but none of us were actively pursuing that goal yesterday. Joy was knitting a prayer shawl for a friend of hers who was diagnosed last month with breast cancer; here, Joy models it:

Shedir 006.jpg

When last we met, in January, Joy had just started this prayer shawl. Scott and I had just learned that our accountant's wife was just in the hospital having surgery. It was after talking with Joy at that time that I made the decision to knit a chemo cap. And I feel good about the good knitting can do in the world.

Posted by Karen at February 24, 2006 01:38 PM

That hat is gorgeous! My husband had Hodgkin's Lymphoma three years ago, and if I had been knitting seriously then, this would've been a great thing for me to knit for him. You're a great friend.

Posted by: KnittnChick at February 25, 2006 04:46 AM

Wonderful photos! The cap is lovely, really a super piece. Margarite's bag is truly impressive, what a great job she is doing! Those leaves aren't easy to do. I like the prayer shawl, too, it and the wearer is beautiful. Lots of great knitting going on up there, as always!

Posted by: Anne at February 25, 2006 07:57 AM

shedir is lovely! so is sandra's design :-)

Posted by: vanessa at February 25, 2006 03:03 PM

Oh, Vanessa, I wish I could show you the chart Sandra made for her design! It'd drive *you* batty. Sandra created her own chart, making little pencil dots on graph paper, then copied it and taped it together, several times over. The thing is, like, 11x24 inches (both front and back of the sweater showing all at once on one chart), and the squares are TINY, and the photocopying of pencil dots and graph grid looks like an even smattering of gray.... Obviously, she's having great success with it, but I was not the only knitter who commented on the . . . unusualness . . . of her chart, last Monday night.

Posted by: Karen at February 25, 2006 09:37 PM