January 11, 2006


I greatly amused myself at the Ferals meeting on Monday night by taking a photo for my blog of Rebecca taking a photo for her blog:


(She's taking a picture of the legwarmers she's knitting for her best friend. To see Rebecca's point of view, click here.) For some reason, the zoom setting on my camera had gotten stuck that evening, so any zooming in or out I had to do by physically moving closer to people or further away. Rebecca looks like she's smiling, but she's actually gritting her teeth and saying, "Karen, would'ja just take the picture, already?!" Rebecca is as enthusiastic and energetic about the New Year and setting goals as I am. Check out her list!

Diana was working on a Fair Isle bag, a design by Beth Brown-Reinsel that appeared in Interweave Knits a few issues back. She's using Spindrift for the yarn for it.

And Ryan, seated behind Diana, was finishing up the baby sweater she's been working on.

Also with us that evening were Devorah, working on a Fair Isle vest; Norma, working on some lace swatches; Susan, gathering more ideas and more yarn for future projects; Andrea, approaching the end of the Estonian Garden Wrap; and June, who showed us a completed Fair Isle tam she'd made for her husband (an annual tradition), and who was knitting the fingers on her Floral Fair Isle glove.

I'd brought my Floral Fair Isle glove-in-progress. It's part of our knit-along, after all. And although I got the thing out of the bag, and fondled my yarns, I managed to keep myself busy talking all evening and didn't knit a stitch.

Since last I showed a picture of my glove-in-progress on this blog, I've been having second thoughts about the colorwork on the cuff -- and third thoughts, and fourth thoughts, and on and on. At first, I was going to do a peaks and waves sequence of blues (moving from a medium blue, to a lighter one, to one even lighter still, and back again, in diamond shapes). But what made me abandon that plan was that I've been wearing my Bronte scarf recently, and I love the green color (Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply in the color Lustre) that I knitted it in, so I wanted to incorporate that color into the gloves. (I have half a ball of Lustre left over from the scarf, so why not use it?) So I was going to make a band that would be a background of Lustre with some Fair Isle work on it. Let's not revisit how many times I changed my mind about what contrasting colors to use. Suffice it to say that, after trying and rejecting many yarns, I noticed that one of the tweedy flecks in Lustre is exactly the same shade as the Spindrift color Jade:


Jade is a color that isn't much used or loved. At Two Swans Yarns, it's a color that I've never had to re-order. But see how it pops, against that Lustre background? (Kinda makes me want to go get my sunglasses.) Jade is right at home here, on my Floral Fair Isle gloves. And it amuses me to find such a good use for a color that is . . . so unpopular . . . so assertive . . . so nonpareil.

Once I was in the groove of having fun and playing with the colors, I chose Brill Pink for the center of this peerie -- and, to make it even more fun, decided to use all three colors in the center rows. ("Brill" must be a British-ism for "brilliant." Back in the days of my youth, we would've called this color "hot pink.")

Brill Pink is from Rowan's Scottish Tweed line of yarns. The very dark blue tweedy color that I'm using for the glove's background is Knight; it and Lustre are from the Rowan Yorkshire Tweed line of yarns. Jade is, of course, a Jamieson's product. All of these are Shetland wools, all knit to the same gauge, and all can be intermixed in one project.

The peerie is a stitch pattern that I picked out from The Complete Book of Traditional Fair Isle Knitting.

In other Two Swans news: I was delighted to find in my inbox an e-mail from Chiaki, who's one of Two Swans's steadiest customers. She sent me photos of a sweater she recently completed:


It's the Hjaltland pullover from Simply Shetland Book 1. Chiaki used Jamieson's Double Knitting in the color Clyde Blue. Nice work, Chiaki! And I'll bet the person who received it as a Christmas present was delighted to get it, too.


And that little bundle of fun is Chiaki's new puppy, named Chibi. Awwww.

Posted by Karen at January 11, 2006 01:15 PM

I like the colors of your gloves, the greens are really pretty together. The Clyde Blue sweater is WONDERFUL! Great job, and a classic that will wear beautifully. What fun to see all of your photos!

Posted by: Anne at January 11, 2006 03:22 PM

The colors of your gloves are very nice and eye-catching. Looks like the Ferals had fun too. The sweater your customer made is beautiful and she has excellent taste in yarn, I must say. :-)

Posted by: Jewel at January 11, 2006 11:00 PM