December 21, 2005


Janine prepares to cut the Jule Log cake at the Ferals gathering last Sunday. Without any prompting from me, and to my great relief, Janine took control of the knife -- I am always a nervous wreck about cutting and serving desserts. Left to right: Norma, Diana, Ryan, Janine. Not pictured: Laura-Lee, me.

I got up at the crack of dawn to bake that Jule Log from scratch, and it took hours longer to beat all the ingredients and get the thing assembled than I remembered that it would (having not made one of these in a couple of years). It may have a certain homey look to it, but it was made with great care.

december 002.jpg
And the Ferals had their regularly-scheduled Monday meeting the following evening. Here, Ryan works on a purple sweater for a co-worker's baby; the co-worker is having twins, and Ryan is making purple and green matching sweaters.

You might notice that in the very foreground of this picture is my Level II vest in progress. Yes! Not only was I doing actual Fair Isle knitting at the Ferals meeting, I was also chipping away at that Master Knitter goal that I hope to accomplish one of these days.

Andrea was also working on a goal and taking her deadline very seriously: Trying to knit up an Estonian Garden scarf as a Christmas present for her mom. Andrea dyed this laceweight Zephyr yarn herself, one dye bath of turquoise followed by a dye bath of black. My photo does not begin to show how hypnotically this color glowed:

december 007.jpg
What you see in the photo is an almost-completed center portion of the Estonian Garden scarf, with the edgings at each end yet to come. Although she was modestly protesting that this is her first laceweight project on teeny needles, Andrea is a very accomplished knitter and the scarf was looking beautiful. I hope Andrea's mom loves it!

Posted by Karen at December 21, 2005 09:45 PM