December 17, 2005


Meet Blob:

And the whole Blob Family:

(That's Blob's wife, Mrs. Blob, to the right of Blob. And at lower center, Blob's Siamese twin children Timmy and Cindy . . . .)

You see, tomorrow I'm having the Ferals over. This occasion is prompted by the fact that none other than our Founding Den Mother, Janine, will be in town -- she'll be the guest of honor. My girls wanted to make some Christmas sugar cookies to serve (among other refreshments), so they had a trial run at making these snowmen last Thursday night, hand-rolling out the dough. (No cookie cutters involved.) It's a good thing they had a trial run, as we found out just how bulbous hand-rolled snowmen can be.

Little did I know that my girls actually named the cookies until Allegra came home from school the next day. I'd been home, and with the cookies just right there on the kitchen counter all day, of course I had to eat one. I thought I showed great restraint in that I ate only one. Allegra came in through the door, took one look at the display, and said, in a tone both accusing and offended, "You ate Moodge!"

The first Blob Family has been consumed by now, of course. Tonight we'll give hand-rolled snowmen sugar cookies another try, for tomorrow is The Big Event.

The last Big Event where last I left off was the Yarn . . . er, Toaster Anniversary. You already know what I gave Scott, so here's a shot of what he gave me:

My very own insulated coffee cup with genuine simulated leather trim embossed with Scott's company's logo. What a sentimental guy my Dear Husband is. Let's see . . . toaster, coffee cup . . . I guess you could say this anniversary had a breakfast theme.

If you want to see a picture of the happy couple, click here.

We celebrated our anniversary by going out to dinner at the Dahlia Lounge. And here's how yarn was involved. I've been watching Vanessa churn out the Bronte scarves over there on her blog, which reminded me of the Bronte scarf that I made last year. I wore the scarf in my coat collar to dinner that evening. And it was a cold evening, so cold that the fog was freezing and dropping crystalized ice onto the sidewalks and roadways. Even in the restaurant I still felt chilled, and remembering that the Bronte is almost as wide as a stole, I got out the scarf and wore it over my shoulders. I imagined I looked a little bit like a little old lady, as the scarf didn't exactly go with my outfit -- but I was warm in it.

In knitting news, my List of Must-Knit Sweaters keeps growing. Last Monday, while waiting for Allegra's ballet class to finish, I knitted a swatch using yarns from the Ripple sweater, just playing around with the yarn:
Now, when I've already written that this is my favorite sweater in the whole entire Scottish Island Knits book, and then you see me "just playing around" with the yarn, you know that the knitting on the project has just got to be commencin' soon.

In Two Swans news: I've been busy all week adding even more new products to the site. By popular request, Bryspun needles are now here, as double-points, 16" circulars, 24" circulars, and 29" circulars. Also, patterns by Susanna Hansson, many new shades of Jamieson's Double Knitting yarn, and new books. (At the time of this blogging, I don't have all of these latter two items listed yet; be patient!) And, I was probably the last person in the knitting world to know that the cute little case that Chibis come in is now clear:
This surprised the heck out of me when I opened the box!

Posted by Karen at December 17, 2005 12:09 PM

I'll forgive you for eating Moodge, Mom, but only because I ate Blob ...

Posted by: DD#1 at December 17, 2005 05:40 PM

Oh! I was wondering where he'd gone to! Now, 'fess up to your li'l sister--!

Posted by: Karen at December 17, 2005 08:00 PM

You've probably worked this one out already but with sugar cookies you need to put them back in the fridge after you cut them to firm them up before baking them. You can also then transfer them to a baking sheet that has been heated in the oven which kind of sears them and helps them hold their shape and get nice and crisp. I'll light a candle for Moodge.

Posted by: Jessica at December 18, 2005 10:45 AM

RIP blob family, they lead short, but purposeful lives :)

I can't tell you how glad I am that they finally made the Chibi cases clear. My chibis firmly grip the bottom of the case so they don't have to do the work...which makes me think that hubby had gotten in to them to use them for who-knows-what...then starts the arguement. So, thank you Clover, for finally making the cases clear. *lol*

Posted by: KnittnChick at December 20, 2005 10:56 AM

Hey, when you said I could click & see the Happy Anniversary couple, the foto is NOT what I had in mind! hehe..where's the people foto? Comon, please?

Happy Holidays to all!

Posted by: knittinannie at December 24, 2005 10:37 AM

Knittin Annie: Oh, okay -- to see a picture of the Happy Couple, view this entry from the archives:

dated October 26, 2005

Posted by: Karen at December 25, 2005 10:03 PM