October 23, 2005


When we were on the plane to Arizona last weekend, I had in my carry-on bag the socks that I'd knit for my sister. During the flight, I pulled out one of the socks and was admiring my handiwork. I put it on my hand, and I commented to Scott, "You know, this is really a well-knit sock, if I do say so myself."

To which he replied, "Have you knit the other one yet?"

O, ye of little faith. (What is with people that they think it appropriate to say this kind of thing to knitters? And he wasn't joking.)


We were in Arizona for just one full day, and we crammed as many activities into that one day as we possibly could. We hiked the Broken Arrow Trail in the morning --

My brother-in-law, sister, Jennie, Allegra, and me on the trail.


-- and went shopping in the afternoon --

Scott and my sister outside of the Red Rock Knit Shop in Sedona.

-- and did lots of other sightseeing, gallery hopping, and dining. My sister was the perfect hostess and catered to our every idiosyncrasy, including finding the address and the shop hours for the yarn store. It was truly a relaxing mini-vacation. Even the flight down to Arizona was without turbulence.

A note about the Red Rock Knit Shop -- it was a small store with lots of novelty yarns and a few wool yarns and alpaca yarns. They offer knitting and weaving classes. This shop had something I'd never seen in a yarn shop before -- a "Leave One, Take One" bin where you could trade the leftovers from your project for the leftovers from someone else's project. What Scott liked best about this yarn shop: It had a comfy chair situated on that shady porch, right outside the open front door.

Reminder: These socks were knit with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the colors Gold Hill and Cedar. The pattern is one of Betsy McCarthy's from her book Knit Socks!

* * *

Faithful readers will remember the earlier entry wherein I described feeling invisible as I was knitting while waiting for my car to be serviced; a woman who was knitting a novelty yarn scarf across the lobby from me had her work oooh'd and aaah'd over -- while my modest cable swatch was completely ignored.

Well, last Friday I felt vindicated. I was knitting on Sock #2 of the Friday Harbor pair while waiting once again for my car to be serviced. I noticed a woman sitting kitty-corner from me was wearing a Fair Isle sweater, and I knew it had to be hand-knit because it had the most gorgeous corrugated rib. (You just don't see store bought sweaters with corrugated rib.) She came over and struck up a conversation with me and lavished praise on Sock #1 of the Friday Harbor pair, which I had strategically placed on the top of my knitting bag. (Strategicaly placed there to ward off comments from passers-by like, Are you going to knit the second one?) Turned out this woman is a member of Seattle Knitters Guild and used to serve on the board before me; we knew each other by name although we didn't think we'd met in person before. While she was waiting for her car, she was knitting a top-down raglan sweater for her granddaughter.

This experience erased all of that bad karma of the earlier, invisible time.

* * *

Saturday was the first Dulaan Knit-in for 2006. MaryB managed to make us all feel right at home (even those of us who were rooting for the Houston Astros). In addition to many wonderful goodies brought by many people, Rebecca baked some incredible and gooey S'mores cupcakes.

My new Dulaan project is the Chelsea's Heart Gansey from Beth Brown-Reinsel's book. I've been wanting to try the British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey yarn that Two Swans just got in, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I chose the red color, which I think will look cute with the heart motifs -- and since the last Dulaan sweater I knit was blue, my eyes are longing for a change of color. I'm only 10 rows in to the garter-stitch welt at the time I write this, so I don't have a lot of info to share yet about the yarn or the pattern, other than to say that it's knitting up very, very smoothly.

* * *

Today I'm packing for another trip. This time, Scott and I are going to San Antonio, Texas, for the coming week. My sister and brother-in-law return to our house, today, to stay here and house- and pet-sit and keep the kids on schedule.

I've been to San Antonio once before, and loved the atmosphere of the Riverwalk. Toured the Alamo. Bought cascarones at the Mexican Market. (Cascarones are hollowed-out eggshells filled with confetti. As a practical joke, you crack them open over someone's head. That last trip was a fun one!) Looking forward to doing all of these things again, and more, as this trip will be for a full week. Any yarn stores in San Antonio?

Posted by Karen at October 23, 2005 08:38 AM

Have a terrific time in San Antonio. Hopefully you can get a lot of knitting done so that you have photos to share of the gansey when you return.

Posted by: Jewel at October 23, 2005 01:25 PM

Since the Dulaan Deadline isn't until next year, the projects I'll focus on for the trip are
(1) Wrapped in Tradition poncho (egads! still unfinished!),
(2) Friday Harbor Socks,
and (3) a project to be determined.

Posted by: Karen at October 23, 2005 02:41 PM

I love that little sweater - and I'm so sorry I missed the Knit-in! Looks like I'm going to wait for 2006 for my first 2006 event.

You want to know something weird? My ex took our son to Arizona this weekend for his nephew's wedding. And my ex's father and stepmother live in San Antonio. They went last year and went to the Riverwalk and the Alamo. But not the eggs, I'm sure I would have heard about the eggs. :)

Posted by: Patti at October 24, 2005 11:07 AM

I'm glad someone finally gave you some nice feedback on your knitting! On the bus for the TKGSH I drooled as you were knitting. I have to admit I was a little intimidated and didn't tell you that I thought all of your things you were knitting were just gorgeous! (I did have one negative thing happen on the trip, and it deflated my confidence quite a bit)

I wish you were there to see Leigh Radford! It was great to feel all of her knitted items and ask her questions. I'm sure she will be touring Seattle on her book tour.

Posted by: Heather Leigh at October 28, 2005 01:35 PM