September 26, 2005


What is it about waking up at 3:00 AM to the sounds of DD#1 barfing in the bathroom that reminds me that I need to put money on DD#2's school lunch account? And why, when DD#1 needs to throw up in the middle of the night, must she come downstairs and throw up in the bathroom nearest where Scott and I are sleeping?

So, after settling Jennie back into bed, in the wee small hours of the morning, I went to the computer to put money on Allegra's school lunch account. (For those of you reading this who don't have kids in school in these days of wondrous technology, let me tell you that kids don't get beat up for their lunch money any more. Parents put money on their kid's account, which they can do via a secure site on the internet using a credit card, or by taking cash or check directly to the school.) Only, when I got to the site, it turned out that I needed her student ID number to do that, which I didn't have at hand, and didn't want to disturb her to ask her for it since she was the one member of the household who managed to sleep peacefully through her sister's barfing.

In front of Allegra's school, there's this bank of trees that's turned color already -- I love this yellow against the blue sky, and the yellow leaves like confetti on the green grass:

fallcolor 001.jpg

So, at 3:00 AM, I cruised through instead, which lately seems to be my favorite thing to do when I have insomnia. Can it really have been 17 weeks since I last posted an update about my progress on Level II of the Master Knitter program?

And what is it about those wee small hours of the morning that fire me up with all these plans for what I'm going to accomplish? Every morning I get up and think, I'm going to tackle this and this and this, and by about 3:00 in the afternoon I realize the day is waning and some of those to-do items are going to have to wait for another day. So there I was, clicking on various and sundry goals on, thinking, Yeah, I could lose 10 pounds! Yeah, I could declutter my house! Write the great American novel -- why not?

What I meant to be doing at 3:00 AM was knitting more on the Friday Harbor sock #1, which is about halfway finished down the foot (although this picture doesn't really show that fact that well):

fallcolor 002.jpg

I've never knitted socks on two circulars before. In fact, I started this sock on dpn's, as usual. But when working the heel, I almost always slip the instep stitches onto a circular and use that as a stitch holder, and when I did that on this sock, I thought, What the heck? And continued on with two circulars. I am liking the two-circulars method, as it seems less prone to laddering, seems a little more efficient (fewer needles to deal with), and I haven't accidentally dropped a circular yet!

How to attract cats:

(1) Put on sock half-knit with two circulars.
(2) Walk around the house, and even outside, wearing this sock, trailing not only the two circulars, the tick-tick-tick of which will get the cats's attention, but also trailing the cast-on tail of yarn.
(3) Lead cats around as they attempt to catch the tail of yarn.

Posted by Karen at September 26, 2005 09:10 AM

Ha ha. Love the cat thing. I can visualize it too.

Posted by: Jewel at September 26, 2005 12:38 PM

Thanks for sharing that story, mom. I appreciate it.
All publicity is good publicity, right?

Posted by: DD#1 at September 26, 2005 03:58 PM

I just started knitting sock on 2 circular needles also,,,, thinking I would not like it,, but willing to give it a try.
I love it!

I love the smoothness of dps,,,,but,once I got hooked,,,it was really fun!

Now, I am going to try the method of doing 2 socks at once,( there is a great tutorial on the net,,,,just search out knitting socks on circular needles,)
no second sock syndrome! nice,,,,,,,

I didnt know how many sock knitters were trying this, but I do see more and more these days,,,

also, for any sock knitters out there,,,,,,I just now recieved the book KNITTING VINTAGE SOCKS.

Its simply "sock heaven" for anyone who loves to knit socks,,,,
good knitting to all,,,

Posted by: Pam at September 26, 2005 09:14 PM

lovely tree photo :-) hope your dd feels better!

Posted by: vanessa at September 27, 2005 04:22 AM