August 17, 2005


June brought to our Feral Knitters group on Monday evening an old, out-of-print book that cracked us all up for the inventive, whimsical patterns in it.
Ryan cracks up over the Corgi slippers.

The book was Royal Knits: Designer Knitting for the Monarchy and Monarchists, by Nicolette McGuire. In addition to those Corgi slippers that Ryan is pointing to, it contained patterns for "Corgialia," the dog sweaters the royal Corgi must wear. And patterns for knitted British uniforms, complete with medals and sashes, all knitted. The Queen's (or would it be the Princess's?) outfit was a faux twinset in a classic pink, topped off with a strand of knitted pearls. (In the photo, the model is wearing this faux twinset + pearls, and a knitted sash.) And, Nicolette McGuire didn't overlook any corner -- she provides knitting patterns for the throne room: a toilet seat cover with a crown motif on it, and a rug for in front of the, er, "throne," with intarsia footprints that can face toward, or away . . . .

If you see Royal Knits in a used book store, buy it!

This is a fun time of year for me at Two Swans, with new items coming in practically every day. In today is Wrap Style.
There are some fun designs in here, including a shawl by Evelyn Clark that looks like a sister to her Flower Basket and Leaf Lace shawls. Nicky Epstein has a felted capelet made from Jamieson's DK. I am really drawn to the "Lace-Edged Cardigan with Collar" (really, it's a capelet!) by Ann Budd, and Shirley Paden's "Wrapped in Tradition" lace poncho that uses Kidsilk Haze. Will get more project photos up in the next day or two.

Guild meeting tonight!

Posted by Karen at August 17, 2005 11:25 AM

If you saw how truly ugly the Corgi slippers are, you would better understand the face I am making. No, truly ugly, with long slobbery pink tongues.


Posted by: Ryan at August 18, 2005 09:14 AM