August 15, 2005


HeatherAran 004.jpg
First, there was the hank. Crude, primitive, it put one step between the knitter and the knitting -- that step being to wind the yarn into a ball. This hank was a big boy, all 120 yards of him.

HeatherAran 005.jpg
Last year the hank evolved into a sleeker model, the center-pull skein you see at right. The knitter could get knitting with this yarn right away! The yardage had slimmed down, some, to about 100 yards. The color range slimmed down, too, with several colors discontinued last year.

For Fall 2005, Jamieson's gave Soft Shetland a makeover. It's the same great Shetland worsted weight yarn with a new name, Shetland Heather Aran. It it has a fun new look, a cute put-up called a doughnut. Yardage remains at about 100 yards. The color range has been expanded -- 26 colors in all, with about half of these being brand-new colors, and with some colors that were previously discontinued now being re-introduced. And old favorites like Highland Mist, Grouse, and Lacquer are still available. At Two Swans, I'm starting with just a few of the Heather Aran colors (as there's still a selection of old favorites under Soft Shetland).

Isn't this Autumn color gorgeous?

And yes, I did put in a loud and enthusiastic request that Autumn be introduced in the Spindrift weight; I hope it happens.

Knitting-news: Over the weekend, Scott and I went to Seattle each day. My car knitting both times was the snowflake scarf from the 1995 issue of Piecework. On Saturday we were visiting friends who just bought a fixer-upper sailboat. We had to drive down many, many narrow, hilly, winding streets to get to the spot on Lake Washington where the boat was moored; I persisted in knitting despite feeling like I was on a roller coaster. Yesterday we went to the Mariners game. Have I never noticed before how bumpy those roads are in the stadium district? All the railroad tracks, all the spots torn up and patched over for construction projects, made the streets bumpy enough to make your teeth rattle. Not to mention how challenging it was to get a needle into two stitches simultaneously, to work a k2tog. I persisted through all the bumps, though. This morning I picked up the scarf to work on it more, and see I omitted a YO three rows back. This won't be a huge problem to fix, but I wonder if I'm getting wiser about knitting projects that are best suited to car travel. Save the laceweight yarn and the size 1 needles and the lace projects for home knitting, and take the simple stockinette on size 8s on the road.

The Ferals meet tonight! And the Guild meeting day after tomorrow.

Posted by Karen at August 15, 2005 08:55 AM