July 29, 2005


loom 001.jpg
Moving the loom out of her former residence, yesterday afternoon. The loom is folded so that she can fit through doorways.

Scott said, "Oh, good, honey -- it's already got a half-finished project on it! That's gonna save you a lot of time." I think he was teasing me because the smaller loom I already own has had a warp on it for . . . oh, . . . about a year.

Here she is, loaded up and ready to come to her new home:
The loom itself is covered in that cream-colored blanket. The wooden object immediately to the left of the loom and being struck with that starburst of sunshine is a spool rack, one of the many accoutrements that came with this loom. I've never used a warp that was so long that it needed a spool rack, but now I'm dreaming up all kinds of projects that might need one, so that I can learn to use it. Left to right: spool rack, loom, Scott, Mike, and Linnea. The loom belonged to Mike's mother. Linnea is the young woman I know through Guild; she's contributed a couple of book reviews to the Guild's newsletter during the past year and a half that I've been the newsletter editor.

Now at our house, the loom awaits her unfolding, and her "first" warping. The instruction booklet for this loom advises, "Beginning weavers would do well to become familiar with their loom by putting on several short warps and weaving them off before committing themselves to a longer project." Sounds like good advice, since I've felt I've been in over my head with the warp that's been on my smaller loom for the past year . . . but that's a whole 'nother story.

Posted by Karen at July 29, 2005 02:31 PM

I think that is ONE beautiful loom,,

What sort of projects do you have in mind???
A newly opened LYS in my area,, has small looms,, and has shown some beginning projects ,I have been watching them for about 6 months or so,,.

They have made some extremely unique fabrics, it has been tempting me for quite some time now,,,,,

Guess we all need more time in the day dont we?

Keep us posted with the ongoing adventures of the loom,,,,
Back to my "homework" ,,,knitting for a class at Stitches Midwest! ( I have 4 huge buckets of blueberries that need to be made up into freezer jam, but I am not in a jam- making mood tonite,,)

I need to make swatches of patterns I like, so I can learn how to convert flat patterns to in the round knitting w/o throwing a lot of the numbers off in my garment. Opened all of my B Walkers Stitch dictionaries and found a few I am very interested in,,,,in fact in doing this I found a few that really would make up some very lovely scarves , need to try them,,,this is fun!

I decided upon and old eyelet pattern , some baby cables and a very old patterns.

I cant wait to see what can be done with them!

back to knitting now,,,,,and I put on an old movie.
No popcorn though,.. cant knit and eat popcorn, its something I havent mastered yet, but definately on my to- do list.
good knitting to all,

Posted by: Pam at July 30, 2005 07:14 PM