July 23, 2005


Last weekend, Scott went camping in the San Juan Islands, and took our eldest daughter Jennie with him. I would not go camping, because, as co-coordinator of the Lavender Festival Tour and Yarn Shop Crawl, I needed to go on that event. All week long, my youngest daughter, Allegra, kept saying that she did not want to go camping, but that she wanted to stay home with me.

What a sweet girl, I thought, she doesn't want to leave her mama by her lonesome. "But you know you'd have to go on the Guild's Lavender trip?" I wasn't willing to leave her home alone for the whole day.

Yes, yes, she always said she was willing to go. She sometimes comes to Guild with me; she sometimes knits; I thought we were in for a weekend of mother-daughter bonding.

During the week, Scott took me aside and said, "She has this expectation that you are taking her Borders Bookstore at midnight on Friday to get the new Harry Potter book."


That's why she didn't want to go camping. All week long she'd been, like, I want to stay with you, Mama! But it wasn't about mother-daughter bonding -- it was about proximity to a bookstore. If I thought she was going to knit during the bus ride to Sequim, I'm sure she thought it was the perfect opportunity to read the new HP book. Since I was already planning to get up very early to get all the animals fed and drive to Seattle for the tour, I couldn't really see myself staying up past midnight to buy a book. Not even a Harry Potter one.

So, by week's end, Scott got on the phone with Griffin Bay Books, a shop in Friday Harbor, and reserved a copy of Half-blood Prince. Allegra, hearing this, was quite happy to bail on me and go camping with her dad, with a little detour to Friday Harbor on Saturday morning to pick up the book.

Posted by Karen at July 23, 2005 08:46 AM

Kids. Sometimes they're like cats - they're getting all cuddly, but then you figure out it's because they're cold. Thank goodness for the times they cuddle because they love you. :)

Posted by: Patti at July 23, 2005 09:55 AM

Well, we all have our priorities... here in our family we can totally relate, having stood in line at the bookstore at midnight to get the book, and then all four of us taking turn reading it at the same time. We all had different bookmarks, and carefully kept everyone's places - it was a hoot. We are finally all finished, and dealing with the depression and feelings of betrayal that the book's end left us with. It is a constant source of conversation, even a week later. If Allegra needs to, she can join our support group!

Posted by: Anne at July 23, 2005 06:40 PM

It's all about Harry isn't it? I've totally been sucked in and yet I've managed to figure out how to read and knit. Makes for an interesting position but it works!

Posted by: Rebecca at July 23, 2005 09:19 PM

You forgot to mention the most important part about how I read it by dinner time that night!!!
I guess I'm not as important as Allegra's Harry Potter loyalties ...

Posted by: Jennie (aka DD#1) at July 25, 2005 04:28 PM