July 18, 2005


Sequim lived up to its reputation as the Banana Belt of Washington state on Saturday. The weather was drizzly when I left my house in Kent that morning; the drizzle changed to overcast by the time I arrived in Seattle. But look at these blue skies and purple fields that greeted us at Jardin du Soleil lavender farm in Sequim:

That's Diana, who co-coordinated our Guild's tour of the Lavender Festival and Yarn Shop Crawl with me. Diana serves as membership chair and newsletter distributor for Guild.

Posted by Karen at July 18, 2005 08:02 AM

Wow -- was the field fragrant? I'm imagining the scent of lavendar blown by the breeze now...

Posted by: Janice in GA at July 18, 2005 12:47 PM

Janice, you're right! The fields had a very pleasant, sun-warmed, lightly lavender scent. I would describe lavender as smelling more herbal than flowery or sweet.

As the afternoon wore on, our charter bus smelled ever more noticeably lavender-y inside, as more and more of us bought lavender bouquets and plants and soaps and things. By afternoon's end, the lavender fragrance inside our bus was more potent than out in the fields!

Posted by: Karen at July 19, 2005 09:05 AM