July 14, 2005


Last Monday night the Feral Knitters group met. We've been kicking around ideas for a possible group project for a knitalong. Naturally, it would have to be Fair Isle! Some members of the group have really wanted the pattern for this project, whatever it is, to be a free one. There are some in the camp that favors choosing something small (like a tam); I think they want to make sure that if they participate in a group project, that they'll be able to finish it without fear of steeking, or suffering from gauge issues. Then there's the whole other camp that wants to go whole hog and knit a sweater -- or, at least, a vest.

Monday night we arrived at what I hope will be a happy medium: the Floral Fair Isle Gloves that are the current web project on the Interweave site. Yes, 8 fingers and 2 thumbs might be fiddly, but -- one can always turn these into mittens. (The Ferals have another project going, too, but I'll write about that in a different post on another day.)

I spent Tuesday studying Spindrift colors. Here are some I considered for those gloves:
lav 002.jpg
Although the pattern shows a light blue-green as the main color and blues for the contrast on the cuff, you can see that I could not resist tweaking these toward a stronger green and some purples. I love purple and green together.

Wednesday I was helping one of my customers choose some Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply colors for a mitten project she wanted to knit. (Sheer coincidence -- her mittens are totally unrelated to the Ferals group project.) And I was looking over those Yorkshire Tweed colors, going, Hmmm . . . Check out this green and these blues:

lav 003.jpg
Top to bottom, these are Oceanic, Knight, and Graze. Definitely, these are my choice for the gloves. I always get so energized, planning new projects!

My main task for today was to pick up the admission badges for our Guild's tour of the Lavender Festival and Yarn Shop Crawl, coming up this Saturday. These badges are so pretty, they must be collector's items. (Each year the design is different -- if two a collection makes, I'm already a collector, since this year's badge will join last year's.)

lav 005.jpg

Saturday's tour will involve a long -- yet comfortable -- ride on a chartered bus over to Sequim and back. This equals loads of knitting time. Hmmm . . . which project shall I take?

Posted by Karen at July 14, 2005 08:56 PM

Oh wow. I have to make those gloves someday.

I took my knitting class to Weaving Works last Thursday morning - all *13* of them. They opened early especially for us, which was so nice. We picked our cheap yarn, then they got a tour. One of the girls was saying how yummy all the colors look together - it's like the makeup counter - I want all of them. :)

Posted by: Patti at July 18, 2005 09:02 PM