June 15, 2005


PrinceCaspian 001.jpg
What I hope to accomplish today is to finish up the Prince Caspian sweater -- so that I can hand it off to Ryan at the Guild meeting tonight!

I have only a couple of more rows to knit on the second sleeve. Then to knit the neckband and to sew up all the seams. With the wind at my back, I should be able to get all of this done (even if it means weaving in some ends during the Guild meeting), and still prepare the two things I need to prepare as my contribution to tonight's meeting.

I mentioned in a previous entry that this is the first actual project that I've knitted bobbles for, and prior to this the only other bobbling I've done has been on swatches. My first bobbles, on the back of this sweater, are large and lumpy. But the great thing about charity knitting is that it helps you to let go of your perfectionism, and my bobbling has improved on every piece. So, for the final sleeve, these are the best, most compact bobbles I've ever knitted:

PrinceCaspian 002.jpg

The yarn is Jamieson's Double Knitting, and the sweater is pictured on the cover of, and the pattern can be found inside of, the book Simply Shetland.

Immediately following tonight's Guild meeting, Rebecca and I are going to convene the first meeting of our Proust book club, and discuss the first 100 pages of Swann's Way. Can't wait!

Posted by Karen at June 15, 2005 07:31 AM

this is so cute! Did you do the bobbles with all the turnings or have you figured out how to knit backwards? Some Prince will be very lucky to have this sweater.

Abby in CA where it is about a thousand degrees F.

Posted by: Abby Cohen at June 15, 2005 08:12 AM

I will be at Guild, arms open to receive the wonderful sweater!!!

And how true, how true that charity knitting helps you let go of your perfectionism. Granted, you still want to send the Mongolians nice things but the twisted or loose stitch that I normally would tink back to to fix, I've had to learn how to ignore.

Posted by: Ryan at June 15, 2005 08:19 AM

OOOH, that is so cute. The bobbles are absolute perfection, just an accent. they don't call attention to themselves, they just emphazize the pattern. Love them! Gee, your photos are great, too. So clear!

Posted by: Anne at June 15, 2005 08:59 AM

Abby: No knitting back backwards for me! I've been shown how, but it's faster for me to just turn the work (especially on a little piece like a sleeve) than to stop and THINK about how to knit back backwards. Drink lots of fluids and find some good A/C there in LA!

Ryan: Open arms?! Uh-oh, the pressure's on. Am I gonna have myself a busy afternoon!

Anne: I had morning sunlight pouring in over the kitchen table when I took these photos. My camera works so much better in daylight than at night. This second sleeve is just a beaut! Gorgeous tension, the works . . . the photo doesn't do it justice, but thanks for apprciating my qualities as a photographer, anyway!

I should add that for the second sleeve, I sat down and knitted from the chart and only had to put down the work one time. Allegra has a heavy-duty rehearsal schedule for an upcoming dance show that she is in, and I've had many hours while waiting at her rehearsal to work on this sleeve. It made a huge difference in the consistency of the stitches to knit from the chart in virtually one sitting without losing my place and having to tink. (Compare this to my experience of trying to knit Sleeve #1 during last month's Guild meeting, where I knitted and tinked and re-knitted each row, in turn, of four rows total.)

Posted by: Karen at June 15, 2005 10:44 AM