June 12, 2005


Our first houseguests of the year were three stray roosters, who flew into our pasture in March. Since that time, though, the roosters have gone to that big barnyard in the sky. I am sure it is coyotes who got them -- I saw a coyote trotting up our driveway at 4:30 in the afternoon the other day. How bold can you get?! I would say he was trotting up our driveway in broad daylight, but it was a heavily overcast day, so not a lot of daylight around -- but it wasn't like he was trying to hide himself under the cover of night or in bushes at the edge of the yard. No. He was trotting right up the middle of the driveway at 4:30 in the afternoon.

Our current houseguests are my sister and brother-in-law and their cat, who are staying with us for the month of June (at least). They've sold their house here, and are waiting to move into their new home, which is still under construction. There is a sense of turn-about-is-fair-play in this, since when Scott and I moved from Edmonds to Renton about 10 years ago, we had sold our house at the end of November, and couldn't close on the house we were buying until mid-January -- so we moved in with my sister and brother-in-law for those six or so weeks.

So things have been pretty hectic around here, lately!

I do enjoy my sister and brother-in-law's company, but I will also say this: Dear Sis is one wicked Scrabble player! In those six weeks that Scott and I stayed at her house ten years ago, she and I played Scrabble every night, and I won not one single time. Never.

We've played Scrabble twice since she's moved in with us. The first evening, I drew four I's in my first turn, as well as some other assorted vowels. Whenever I play Scrabble, I always resolve to study up on words that begin with vowels. Suffice it to say, my first few turns were extremely low scores, trying to find ways to play the ton of vowels I was drawing. My sister, meanwhile, played all 7 letters in one turn, then proceeded to draw all the "good" (i.e., high scoring) letters like Z, Q, and J. She beat me by a total of over 350 to my pathetic 135. I was lucky to break a hundred, though. Really.

Our second Scrabble game on another evening, though, I really dug my heels in. I played a very defensive game -- after all, I've learned from watching her how to play this way! I ended up beating her -- for the very first time -- by a score of 254 to 229.

Which just goes to show, there's a first time for everything.

Jennie got the camera and documented the contest, too. Here I am, knitting on the second sleeve of the Prince Caspian sweater, while waiting to play my next word:
Scrabble 002.jpg
(Yes, the second sleeve! I finished the first sleeve the other night.)

And here is a close-up of the word I am waiting to play. Honest, these are the letters I drew:

Scrabble 001.jpg
My sister naively asked, "What's a dunghill?" And I said, "Let me take you out behind the horse pasture and show you!"

Here's my sister making a face of agony at game's end, holding up the letter Q that she couldn't play.
Scrabble 003.jpg
Note that my tray is empty! I played all my letters and went out. Victory is sweet.

That's the completed first sleeve of Prince Caspian sweater that you see in the lower right corner of the photo, under the ball of purple yarn.

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Posted by Karen at June 12, 2005 08:12 AM

Ho, ho! Love the game re-cap. I LOVE Scrabble.

Posted by: Anne at June 12, 2005 09:23 AM