June 06, 2005


The clock is ticking toward that July 1 deadline for items to be donated to the Dulaan Project, so it is time I got past my stuck-ness on the Prince Caspian sleeve chart. Over the weekend, I nearly finished the first sleeve, pictured above -- forgetting that it is a child's size, I thought I still had a ways to go, but when I measured it this morning, I find that it is 9 inches, and needs to be only 12 inches long! I'll be well into the second sleeve before the dreaded Second-Sleeve Syndrome can ever strike me!

The occasion for all of this productivity?Ryan's Dulaan Knit-in!

I have just a few photos to share of Saturday's Knit-in. It was a lively time, the weather cooperated and we were able to be out in the backyard amidst the blooming flowers. I especially enjoyed listening to the recording of the interview of Ryan's Cuzzin Tom and Meredith of the FIRE charitable organization. These two were interviewed by their local Sedona, Arizona NPR-affiliate radio station, and they explained how the Dulaan Project came to be, and how it serves the homeless children in Mongolia' capitol city. What a thrill to hear Cuzzin Tom's actual voice, which sounded like he was a professional public speaker -- and his comments were intelligent and well-focused, too. "It must be from all that chanting!" I said. "Aw, he had his radio voice on," Ryan said.

Now, without further ado, the photo essay:

dulaan 006.jpg

Left to right: Mary B, Ryan, and Patti (kneeling), exclaiming over the current box of donated handknits, trying to decide which item is the cutest, the most unusual, the warmest, the softest....

dulaan 004.jpg

Not content to simply handle the items, Mary B and Frankie (the dog) decide to model them.

dulaan 001.jpg

Frankie gives her approval of the 48 items in the current box. (If you look to the outer right of the circle of items, you'll notice the pink-and-charcoal gray mittens that I knitted and donated earlier.)

dulaan 005.jpg

When I arrived at the party, Mary B was getting special mention because she has single-handedly knitted 46 items for the Project! (Well, she used her two hands to knit these hats, mittens, and sweaters, but you get what I mean.) She was saying, "Yeah, I've just got to stop knitting for this Project -- but I can't stop!" I took this photo about two hours later, when she had completed Item #47 -- the hat that she's holding. Way to go, Mary B!

dulaan 003.jpg

Also deserving of special mention is Rebecca, who started this hat when she came to the Knit-in, and finished it by the end of the afternoon. (Rebecca and I are starting a book club to read Proust's works -- if you're interested, contact me or Rebecca!)

dulaan 002.jpg

Ryan is so the social butterfly that it's remarkable for her to knit one stitch during one of these gatherings. Here she was, playing with her hank of Magnum yarn, but, obviously, not knitting. Did she knit a single stitch? Check out her blog to find out!

Posted by Karen at June 6, 2005 02:53 PM

Maaannnnn, I wanted to come so bad! Thanks for the chance to do it vicariously!

Posted by: Janine at June 7, 2005 12:01 AM

Just thought I would drop by your blog and see what was new,,,,what fun you all must have had on Saturday!!
I did look back at the pages I missed and was so happy to see that wonderful vest you started!
I will enjoy watching the progress,,,,,and OH(!!) those glorious colors you have chosen,!!!!!
( thanks once again for such a speedy mailing out on my yarn.) I am now swatching as I spend my days at the hospital with my dad now as he recovers from the stroke one week ago today ,,knitting is most soothing during difficult times,,,,,
happy knitting to all,

Posted by: pam at June 7, 2005 03:36 PM