May 26, 2005


I've meant to update my blog, late last week, to tie up various loose threads. But every time I sat down to the computer, we had a thunderstorm. And at even the slightest distant grumble of thunder, at the merest glint of lightning, our satellite internet connection vanishes. Poof! And we had recurrent thunderstorms Thursday, and Friday, and Saturday . . . whew!

So, a summary of what's been going on around here:

The Dog Walk that Allegra and I went on earned $2,100 for our county's canine search and rescue unit. $2,100! That's an awesome amount for these kids to raise for their community. And as things turned out, although our dog Lady stayed home, Allegra was able to walk our neighbor's German Shepherd puppy . . . and the two of them got stopped and praised and petted every few feet, so that was a lot of fun for Allegra.

The Zip Code Social for Seattle Knitters Guild was attended by (I'm guesstimating) about 75 people. I had written in my blog that I hoped I wasn't someone who got left sitting alone in a corner somewhere, just because my zip code isn't near Seattle proper. In fact, our well-organized program co-chairs arranged chairs in circles of 10, and each circle was to serve several different zip codes. And in my circle I got to meet a couple of people whose names I knew but had never met in person -- so the intent of the Social was served.

But the funniest moment was when our Vice President opened the meeting, by saying, "I want to recognize the people I think have driven the farthest to be with us tonight, and they are from zip code 98402." Everyone in the room turned to look, and there, beyond the doorway, were two women seated off in a corner. Beyond the doorway, tucked in under the coat racks, these two women were seated practically out in the hall. The 98402 zip code is Tacoma. And it just made such sense, given our region -- here are all the clusters of Seattle/King County -- and then there's Tacoma, way over there. These two Tacomans were terrifically good sports about it, and ended up being included in my zip code seating circle.

In other Guild news, SKG is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Guild Historian Lizabeth Coller and I have been out and about, interviewing the founding members. None of the founders have a completely clear recollection of the Guild's first year or two . . . but one person's story will jive with another's in one little respect or other. For Lizabeth and me, it's like putting together a very intriguing jigsaw puzzle. Some of the founders are still with the Guild, but others have moved on to other interests.

And other upcoming Guild events: Membership Chair Diana Dean and I are coordinating another Lavender Festival Tour and Yarn Shop Crawl for the Guild. This will be the second year we will have put together this tour. The Lavender Festival takes place on the Sequim-Dungeness Peninsula, which is a very sunny and agricultural area of our state. For those who can join us, this is a great day of knitting and visiting with Guild members during the bus ride, touring lavender farms and buying handcrafted items (everything from lavender plants to glass beads to llama yarn for sale), and, of course, visiting two yarn shops. Our tour date is July 16, and I'll be writing more about this in days to come.

And my shipment of sock yarns from Lorna's Laces has finally arrived!


These are the new colors, for 2005 -- and Two Swans has these colors in both the Shepherd Sport and Shepherd Sock weights. (One of these new colors is Periwinkle, and I am sorely tempted to join a certain Periwinkle-along knit-along that is happening on one of the knitting lists to which I belong.) To my surprise and relief, the company has honored the old price (since I did place this order well in advance of the May 1 price increase that they are implementing), so Two Swans is continuing to offer these yarns at the same low price as before.

And, in my personal knitting news, I've been suffering from knitting malaise. I knitted four rows of a Prince Caspian sweater sleeve during last week's Guild meeting, but each row I knitted and tinked and re-knitted, because I was so distracted by the Social -- so I ended up feeling a bit burned out on reading the chart for this sweater. And I've taken a temporary vacation from Master Knitter Level II cable swatches, after producing the first cable swatch that I've been satisfied with -- again, feeling a bit burned out from trying to knit my very best. I've turned to the Sandness sweater for solace during this period of malaise, and have worked several rounds of it -- soothing stockinette, knitting by throwing and picking simultaneously. Can't say enough what a joy and a pleasure working Fair Isle in the round is. Truly a tonic for knitting malaise.

Posted by Karen at May 26, 2005 02:20 PM

Karen! Sign me up for the Sequim Lavender tour :) I may nip down from Canada for that. And congratulations to the kids on their fundraising effort. Good work!

Posted by: Angela at May 30, 2005 09:23 PM