April 10, 2005


Yesterday I met up with Terri and some other Seattle-area knitters. Terri was trying on the sock she was knitting when she decided to take a picture of me taking a picture of her trying on her sock.
April10 001.jpg
I enjoyed meeting Terri and the other knitters and hope to join them again in the future.

I finished the back of the Prince Caspian sweater:
April10 002.jpg
I varied from the pattern in Simply Shetland by finishing off the back with some short-row shoulder shaping. The most important variation I did was to knit the main part of the body using Broken Rib (RS: K1, p1 across; WS: Purl). The pattern calls for False Rib (RS: K1, p1 across; WS: Knit). As you can tell, the wrong side of False Rib actually produces Broken Rib, and vice versa. And if you were to scroll back through a few blog entries, you'll read that after knitting an inch of False Rib on the right side, I was very unhappy with how it looked -- much too lumpy and bumpy. Broken Rib has a very organized appearance and is also very smooth -- it puts all those lumps and bumps on the wrong side. Now that I have finished Piece #1 of this sweater, I am speculating that the designer chose to use False Rib so that the smooth side (the Broken Rib side) is next to the wearer's body. Well, I'm thinking that any kid who wears this sweater is going to have on a shirt underneath, anyway.

This sweater will be my second donation to the Dulaan Project. Great thing about knitting for kids -- they are small projects so you make progress very quickly.

Today my sister and her husband are taking Allegra and me to see Shakespeare Abridged at Tacoma Actors Guild. Should be fun! We have the videotape of this play, and Allegra knows it by heart.

Posted by Karen at April 10, 2005 11:02 AM

Well, I think the Prince Caspian sweater is beautiful, and am impressed at how much you have gotten knit this week. Your speculation on the rib design is very interesting. So many options and variations are possible in knitting!

Posted by: Anne at April 10, 2005 09:31 PM

Whu?!!!! This is for the *Dulaan Project*?! Wow. You are amazing.

Posted by: Ryan at April 11, 2005 04:22 PM

Aw, shucks, Ryan. What's really amazing is when you have a mindless little carry-around project like this (not the cabled part at the bottom of the sweater which requires attention to a chart, but the rest of it is mindless) -- and you knit it during what would otherwise be Lost Time. I'm enjoying knitting it -- and Two Swans Yarns donated the yarn.

Posted by: Karen at April 11, 2005 06:29 PM