April 08, 2005


Bloggers are always putting up the photos of their recently-acquired goodies, so here are my obligatory trophy shots from the market at the TKGA convention:

spoils 003.jpg

From Galina Khmeleva's booth, a cone of laceweight cashmere, a set of Lantern Moon dpns in size US 3, and her booklet of three Orenburg lace patterns to knit.

In my opinion, Galina's booth had the best stuff in the entire market: loads of luxury fibers in lace weights, stuff that you just don't see every day, and I spent hours agonizing over what to buy. The cashmere that I did purchase is the yarn that was used in the Lily of the Valley shawl in Knitter's magazine from 2004; in fact, that shawl was on display in the booth, looking ready for a very special occasion. (It looked positively bridal, to me.) Lantern Moon needles, likewise, have a luxurious feel; I have two pairs of straights that Anne gave me for my birthday one year and Christmas another. Neither Anne nor I had ever seen Lantern Moon dpns! I borrowed a set of Lantern Moon dpns in size 3 from Galina, in order to knit the little sample shawl during her class -- and, wouldn't you know it, I didn't quite finish that little sample, so had to buy a set of needles to take home with me so that I could finish it. That Galina, she's quite the salesperson, rather like the clerk in the jewelry store who puts the earrings on you knowing that you won't be able to bring yourself to take them off, so of course will buy them -- that's just how Galina was when she saw me reaching into my Worm Binder for my usual Inox metal dpns, and pressed her ebony Lantern Moons into my hands, murmuring "Try these." The booklet has a triangular shawl pattern, a scarf pattern, and a square shawl pattern. I liked all of these patterns, but really bought the booklet for the triangular shawl pattern, which has a lacy "snowflake" design around the border.

Now the question is: Is that cone of cashmere destined to become the "snowflake" shawl, or the Lily of the Valley shawl?

From the booth next to Galina's:
spoils 002.jpg

some hand-crafted glass buttons, and a decorative glass dish.

These items were handmade by glass artist Judith Copeland from New Hampshire. The dish wasn't really for sale. I had engaged her in conversation about how she makes her buttons, and she was showing me the representative styles and talking about the techniques she uses in making the buttons. She had this glass dish holding a stack of her promotional postcards, and in the course of the conversation, lifted up the stack of postcards to show me the dish in order to make a point about the etched leaves you see in that dark strip of dichroic glass. I gasped when I saw the dish: Chartreuse! No question but that I had to have it. I love everything about this piece: the colors, the proportions, the textured effects of air bubbles and etched leaves.

That's it -- all of my purchases, each one special enough to make a worthy souvenir of the '05 convention.

But that's not all that came home with me! At the banquet, I had the good fortune of winning this door prize:


5 skeins of Lambs Pride superwash wool, in a rich blue. A vest pattern came with these, too, but I can't seem to wrest it from the jaws of my suitcase in order to get it into the photo.

Posted by Karen at April 8, 2005 09:14 PM

sounds like you had a great time! Maybe one of these years I can break away and go.

Posted by: marti at April 10, 2005 07:48 AM