March 27, 2005


Why did the rooster cross the driveway? Thanks, everyone who participated in this little contest of mine (even Barb). I hope it was at least as entertaining for my readers as it was for me.

And the winner is . . . (insert drumroll) . . .

Aarlene: "Cause one said to the others, 'Follow me, I know a great place to meet chicks!'"

Congratulations, Aarlene! I will put your copy of Simply Shetland in the mail to you first thing Monday morning. I know you'll enjoy it!


Yesterday, a little dyeing went on around here:
And Jennie created this bead-encrusted egg:
Move over, Faberge!


Knitting-wise, I decided the best way to straighten out my Elfin sleeve cap shaping muddle was to get out some graph paper and graph: (a) how many rows of how many decreases it would take to form the sleeve cap, as per the pattern instructions, and then (b) translate that, on paper, into how many short rows are needed to accomplish the same (or nearly-the-same) shaping. I haven't done the actual graphing yet, but I did get out the graph paper!

Instead, I got tears in my eyes, reading Cuzzin Tom's comment on Ryan's blog concerning how much poverty there is in Mongolia, and how great the need is for the Dulaan Project. I promptly acted on my emotions and started the Prince Caspian sweater, yesterday:


I've never made bobbles in anything other than swatches before, so these are a learning experience. The lower set have a bit of gaposis between the bobble and the row beneath them, but since this is charity knitting, I am letting go of my perfectionism and, instead, accepting the gaposis. The upper set of bobbles turned out much better. And this is only the back of the sweater -- I'm sure the bobbles on the front will be even better still. Yarn is Jamieson's DK in the color Clyde Blue, and the Prince Caspian sweater can be found in the book Simply Shetland. I am knitting the smallest size.

Pattern calls for using size US 6 needles on the bottom welt/ribbing, and then switching to a US 5 for the remainder of the sweater. When was the last time you knitted the bottom ribbing on a size larger needle than the rest of the sweater? Yeah, me neither. So I used a US 4 on the bottom welt/ribbing, and then switched to a 5.

And I had plenty of time to knit, yesterday. On my to-do list was to add the latest addition, Rowan Wool Cotton, to the Two Swans website. But it poured down rain yesterday. (After weeks of drought -- and just in time for all the PNW kiddos' Easter egg hunts, ain't it always the way?) Consequently, my satellite connection to the internet was veeerrrrrry slow. I had plenty of time to knit while the computer was communicating with the satellite.

Posted by Karen at March 27, 2005 10:05 AM