March 16, 2005


Dear Reader, perhaps you read a title like "The Invisible Hand" and it conjures up memories of the Ghost of Economics Classes Past, Adam Smith, and the dismal science.

But the Invisible Hands that I have in mind are these, sent to me by Bunjie:
You'll recall Bunjie as that Canadian glove knitter. (I called her "Bonnie" in my blog entry of Feb. 17 -- but Bunjie she is, and so Bunjie she'll be.) She's been in search of the elusive glove blockers. Glove blockers proved to be so very elusive that she finally resorted to having some custom-made for her. (The best part is that, since they are custom-made, they are crafted exactly to her hand proportions.) And she was kind enough to have an extra set made, to give to me. Thanks, Bunjie!

(Dear Reader, if you are interested in glove blockers, please drop me an e-mail, There is a possibility that the manufacturer of Bunjie's glove blockers could produce them in quantity.)

Plenty of opportunities for social knitting are on the horizon, here in the Pacific Northwest:

First, tonight is the monthly meeting of Seattle Knitters Guild. It's the annual Fiber Frenzy, where members sell off portions of their stash at bargain-basement prices. I've been a member of the Guild since at least 2000, perhaps even earlier -- but I've never been to Fiber Frenzy. And despite the urgings from other Guild members this past week, I won't be going tonight. Since I already own a yarn store, it feels kind of silly to go buy yarn.

This Saturday, Mary B will be hosting a Dulaan Knit-in to benefit the Dulaan Project, and I'll be there. I plan to get at least one mitten made that afternoon for the Mongolian street children.

And next week on Monday, the Feral Fair Islers will meet again!

Posted by Karen at March 16, 2005 04:26 PM

Do let us know if you decide to carry the glove blockers at Two Swans. They look very clever!

Are the beautiful roosters still hanging around? And do they make rooster noises (don't know what word I should be using here) early in the morning?

Posted by: Susanna in Seattle at March 17, 2005 02:48 PM

Oh my goodness, those are amazing! I love the moveable thumbs...

Posted by: Anne at March 17, 2005 03:21 PM

I don't know why there are those three moire or rippled-pool-looking areas on the glove blocker on the right. In real life, both are clear plexiglas. I think perhaps the digital camera created some sort of a pixelation int he image because of the wood grain on the table on which the blockers were lying.

Susanna, the roosters are very much still with us. Yesterday, I saw that two of the flock were back out on the jogging path west of our house. Oh, good, they're leaving, I thought. The one rooster that was left behind spent the day on our patio, pacing back and forth and crowing at the sliding glass doors -- as if his buddies had come inside the house! They managed to reunite themselves in the horse pasture just before dusk.

Posted by: Karen at March 18, 2005 01:28 AM