March 02, 2005


Allegra and her friend play in the surf at the Tulum ruins yesterday. Oh, to be twelve years old again....

We were among the many tourists at the ruins. In the foreground you see the stairway to the beach. There were many iguanas sunning themselves on the tops of the ruin structures. According to our tour guide (a native Mexican, and of Mayan descent), iguanas are Mexican fast food. He claimed that at the local taco house, you can order American tacos or Mexican tacos. The American tacos are chicken with jalapeno peppers. The Mexican tacos are iguana meat and habanero chili peppers. "Tastes better than chicken," he said.

Swan sighting, in our hotel:
Every day the maids fold our towels into different figures.

About that Sandness ribbing: I should have double-checked my yarn bag when I packed. Last night I discovered that I did not bring the next color that I need.

Lately, when I come up against a knitting obstacle like this, Scott has taken to asking me: WWAD? That stands for: What would Anne do? (Anne is the most prolific knitter I know.) And Anne, I suspect, would make do with the colors on hand, and just keep going. (I'm sure she'll let me know, in the comments, if my hunch is right.) When I was looking at the pattern last night, not all of the sweater's colors are used in the ribbing, anyway. So who's going to know, in the finished garment, that I didn't switch from Pine to Rosewood in the ribbing?

It's a challenge to me, to just keep going, rather than wait until I get home, where I've got plenty of Rosewood.

What would you do?

My alternate knitting projects that I brought with me are to finish the Elfin sleeves, or to work on the old shawl. I brought the chart for the shawl, but not the pattern, so that requires brain work.... And I'm in the middle of the cap shaping on the Elfin sleeves, so that requires brain work, too....

(Note to self: Gotta pack that knitting bag the night before, so that you can be sure to get in all the yarns that you need, and complete copies of the patterns. Pack at 5:00 AM, as you did this time, and suffer the consequences.)

Posted by Karen at March 2, 2005 09:28 AM

Lucky girls, splashing in the surf! Great photo. I thought, from your title, it was going to be "What would Allegra do?". Imagine my shock to have MY name in there! Ha ha, you make me laugh. Well, you and Scott are correct, I don't think the colors in ribbing are set as written, and I wouldn't hesitate to substitute colors. I don't think the body and sleeve ribbing have to match either, necessarily, although if you like the way the ribbing looks you can keep the same colors for the sleeves. Just keep knitting, it will be wonderful. However, for the Mossbank I am glad that you sent me the additional ball of Rosewood from Two Swans Yarns, as it looks much better than if I had substituted. By the way, Mossbank is all done, and I will block it tonight! Your vacation looks great, and I am glad that you are all having such fun. Did you try the iguana?

Posted by: Anne at March 2, 2005 10:09 PM

Mossbank is done?!!! Let's see, I delivered the yarn to you on about Jan. 24 -- so you knitted it in about a month. I cross my knitting needles and bow to you.

I don't think we'll be trying the iguana and habanero tacos, as our digestion seems to be too delicate right now. :-)

Posted by: Karen at March 4, 2005 04:42 PM