February 04, 2005


I learned an excellent, no-wrap short-row technique from Susanna Hansson at the Gig Harbor retreat in 2001. I have used this technique ever since for shoulder shaping, and I always get out and follow my notes from Susanna's class. (I don't get as far as shoulder shaping often enough to have memorized the technique. I must resolve to finish more sweaters, thereby gaining more practice so that I will get this technique memorized.) Susanna is teaching again at Gig Harbor this year, and I highly recommend her classes.

So yesterday I finished the short-row shoulder shaping on the Elfin sweater. This morning I performed a three-needle bind-off and joined the front of the cardi to the back. (I knitted this sweater in one piece to avoid having to seam.) I've been wearing the half-finished sweater around the house all morning, like a vest. It fits perfectly, but you'll have to take my word for it. I tried to get a photo of it to show you, but came to this realization: Bloggers shouldn't indulge in self-portraiture with their digital cameras. Unless Lady or Mugsy get adept with the shutter, I'll have to wait to get a photo of me modeling until I can get someone else behind the camera.

Meanwhile, I know you'd like to see a picture of a finished hand-knitted garment. Take a peek at this, created by Tanya, a customer of Two Swans Yarns. Tanya designed this vest for her husband, using Jamieson's DK in the color Clyde Blue. And Tanya must be a fast knitter, as I shipped this yarn to her only a couple of weeks ago!

This afternoon I am meeting along with the group of Master Knitter Wannabes from Seattle Knitters Guild. This time, I can say in all honesty that I have touched my Master Knitter materials since the last time we met -- I packed up all the stuff and took it to Oregon with me when I went to visit Anne two weeks ago, remember? I'm psyched. Just gotta get those needles clickin'.... I resolve to get this program finished this year.

This year's Gig Harbor retreat is coming right up. I'll be taking all of Beth Brown-Reinsel's classes -- and I hope to see a few of my Dear Readers there at the retreat.

Posted by Karen at February 4, 2005 11:56 AM