January 27, 2005


My sister writes: "I wish you'd hurry up and finish Level III, then knit me an Aran sweater like Anne made." Sigh. I am just going to have to get my family trained to post in the comments.

What did I cast on for yesterday? The Sandness pullover, from Jamieson's Book 2. It's a Ron Schweitzer design; a Celtic key pattern in terra cotta colors against a dark blue background. And it's the only sweater Scott has ever asked me to knit for him.

The cast-on I used was the German twisted cast-on. June, of the Feral Knitters group, showed it to me a few months back. But I really needed to practice it in the privacy of my own home. It is not a difficult cast-on, but, as with anything new, I had to concentrate when I tried it for the first time. Then, last weekend, when I was in Portland with Anne, the German twisted cast-on was the one she used for Mossbank. There's an article about this cast-on by Meg Swansen in the most recent Vogue Knitting.

The German twisted cast-on is just like a long-tail cast-on, but with one additional flick of the wrist -- which results in a bit more yarn being incorporated into the stitch than if you were using the usual long-tail. More yarn, hence, more elasticity in that cast-on edge.

How did my guesstimate come out so accurately? I just reeled off, willy-nilly, what I thought would be approximately four times the width. And this time it worked.

The sweater is only a few rows into the ribbing -- nothing photo-worthy, just yet.

Posted by Karen at January 27, 2005 08:28 PM

What is it with family and them not being able to post comments. My mother calls me almost every time I post something. At work. I wish she would just drop me a note in the comments.

Posted by: marti at January 30, 2005 04:49 PM

Oh, Marti -- LOL! So glad somebody else shares the feeling.

Posted by: Karen at February 1, 2005 12:40 AM