December 23, 2004


As if the holiday season didn't have enough of the unknown in it already -- my long-awaited shipment of Harris Aran and Harris DK yarns (from Rowan) have arrived. But I've been snowed under with Christmas preparations and didn't have time to pick up the box. Nor did I have room in my car to bring home the box, so filled to gills is my car with Christmas accoutrements. The box will just have to wait till tomorrow.

Now my curiosity is working.... What's in the box?

(I ordered Harris 4-ply as well, but those won't be arriving until January.)

Postscript about Willows Lodge: Yes, the Lodge has a wonderful ambience. Our hotel room had a gas fireplace, and an oval bathtub for soaking with a cutout in the wall so that one could both soak and watch the fire or t.v. at the same time. Great halogen lighting to knit by. But the best thing about the room was the digital temperature control on the shower! I set that for 108 degrees Fahrenheit, and thoroughly enjoyed the water that flowed in a nice, even temperature.

Posted by Karen at December 23, 2004 09:43 PM