December 12, 2004


It's been a busy week that has included a few strange technical glitches.

Monday last, the Ferals met. This was an exciting meeting because Janine, who was our original Den Mother until she moved away to California, was up here for a visit. I knew that it would be a meeting worth documenting, and so I very carefully recharged the battery in my digital camera. Driving to Seattle for the meeting, though, I realized I'd left the camera at home, still plugged into the charger. Luckily, at the meeting Andrea had a digital camera that, of all things, takes the pictures right onto a floppy disk. So she and I were able to take photos of the grand occasion, after all. Then -- through the wonders of this technology -- I was able to take the photos home with me.

It was great to see Janine and her most recent Fair Isle projects: a baby sweater, a sweater for herself (both of which had very sophisticated shoulder shaping!), and a hat. Here's Janine (seated), modeling the hat:
That's Linda "K" at left, Mary, Janine, and Katie standing next to Janine. Katie's wearing a Fair Isle vest of her own design. Someday I hope to be as accomplished in designing my own Fair Isle works as Janine and Katie already are.

"Mercury's in retrograde," my fellow Seattle Knitter's Guild board member announced, when she brought in the boxload of printed Guild newsletters. "Only half of the newsletters were ready, and then print shop's folding equipment broke down, so the rest of the newsletters are being trucked to the print shop's Everett plant to be finished tomorrow." (I edit the Guild newsletter, which is to say that I prepare it for printing, which sometimes involves asking some of those dedicated Feral-ers (like Mary, Ryan, and Norma) to write articles. My fellow board member, Diana, gets the printed newsletters and prepares them for mailing (among other of the tasks she does for Guild).)

Left to right: Me, Diana, and Norma, applying mailing labels to the newsletters.

"Mercury's in retrograde? Is that what it is?" I asked. I know next-to-nothing about astrology. Diana assured me that when Mercury's in retrograde, it's a time when things can go awry.

Janine coaches Devorah through chooosing foreground and background colors. In the far background, June and Ryan.

Left to right: Norma, Susan, Beth, and -- a certain camera-shy Someone whose name I shouldn't reveal.

Let me give due credit to Norma for bringing baked goodies: 4 perfect shortbread rounds, 2 regular and 2 peanut butter! These were delicious, and so in keeping with our Fair Isle fanaticism.

So, if Mercury was in retrograde, might that explain why my satellite connection to the internet was totally nonfunctional for two days this past week? (It does sometimes happen that I can't get a connection to the satellite because of heavy cloud cover or because of "acceleration equipment" problems (whatever that means). But in those instances, you can see that the transmitter's little light is flashing and it is trying mightily to connect to that satellite. For the two days this week, the transmitter wasn't even pretending to connect.) I resorted to the old dial-up connection, but it was very slow.

Now I'm off to Lacy Knitters Guild this afternoon.

Posted by Karen at December 12, 2004 10:53 AM

Thanks for posting the Ferals pictures! That was a real treat for me--I miss all of you a lot. And what talented knitters. You are certainly capable of producing your own design--and of course you have the inspiration of all the Jamieson's colors at hand.

My horoscope last July (my first month in California) said: "Even a day at the beach isn't a day at the beach. You will spend most of your energy trying not to scream." Right on... I haven't read it since.

Posted by: Janine at December 14, 2004 01:09 AM