November 24, 2004


needles 003.jpg
Maybe you had just about given up hope . . . maybe you thought Two Swans Yarns was never going to carry knitting needles. Well, my friend, this turkey is here to restore your faith. As you can see, Turkey -- sorry, I couldn't find a swan -- has a packet of cable needles tucked under her wing, and she's posing, in the style of Carol Merrill, in front of the big box of needles that arrived yesterday! They are Inox, my favorite brand; I got dpns, I got circulars, I got cable needles. Whew, I feel like I've accomplished something, getting these in. You'll find them on the website soon!

needles 001.jpg

Jennie, posing in her sock on Sunday. (Actually, that's just Jennie's foot and leg.) I believed I was at the point where I would begin turning the heel, a belief confirmed when she tried it on. This toe-up sock will have one of those reverse-heel-flap style of heels.

Posted by Karen at November 24, 2004 08:05 AM

I like the way that that particular sock is looking. I have yet to find a heel type for a toe up sock that I actually like, so it will be nice to see how this one turns out.

Posted by: marti at November 24, 2004 08:15 PM

I absolutely love the made me smile. Jennie's sock looks wonderful, I like the rounded toe. Wow!

Posted by: Anne at November 24, 2004 08:33 PM

Anne: I'm sure you also appreciate how there is *no* cable flare below that cable! A well-designed toe, if I do say so myself.

Marti: I've made only one pair of toe-up socks before, the Tiger Eye lace ones from Socks-Socks-Socks. That also used a reverse heel flap. I think that heel was fine -- but the socks were a present that I gave away, so I'm not really sure.

Posted by: Karen at November 25, 2004 04:48 PM