November 20, 2004


I spent a lovely and relaxing afternoon in the company of my fellow Master Knitter Wannabes from the Seattle Knitters Guild. That's Laura-Lee on the left, and Lizabeth, and Joy, and then myself. Joy recently passed Level I of the Master Knitter program, and so is working on Level II, like me. Lizabeth and LauraLee are just finishing up their Level I binders to submit to TKGA. LauraLee is an artist (weaver, ceramicist, calligrapher, to name a few of her many accomplishments). Lizabeth is a computer programmer. Joy is a school nurse. All of these women are witty, articulate, and I enjoy their humor.

You see the big pile of knitting books in the center of the table? And, although you can't tell from the picture, LauraLee had brought another big pile of books that were on the floor next to her. And we had brought our binders, too. And we did discuss -- some -- the books as resources for the knitting questions set by TKGA.

But what occupied our hands was another matter. LauraLee was working on a sock. Lizabeth was working on a sock. Joy was working on a cap for a newborn grandson. And I was working on the Jennie sock. None of these socks were the dreaded argyle required by the Master Knitter program, either.

You know how it is when you get together with good friends and everybody talks at once? That's exactly how it was with us. No pressure to get with the program, just the pleasure of good company.

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Posted by Karen at November 20, 2004 02:18 PM