November 19, 2004


To celebrate my birthday, my family took me out for a wonderful dinner at a steakhouse. From the moment we walked through the door, everyone working there wished me a happy birthday, so I felt like Scott had arranged some little surprise for me. We had flaming shish-kebabs, served up with much theatrical style. I was getting nervous as dessert-time neared, fearing that the waiter would bring out a sombrero complete with little tassels and that the waitstaff would gather 'round and sing one of those corny birthday songs. Fortunately, the dessert, Bananas Foster prepared table-side and every bit as flaming as the shish-kebabs, was served with one modest birthday candle in it, and no song. To my relief.

My girls gave me lots of lotions and potions to keep me looking young. My favorite kind, too, the Ginger lotions from Origins. It was a totally satisfying evening.

Except for this one small disappointment: Since Jennie's in college and we only see her once or twice a week now, I have been wanting to have her try on the sock I am knitting for her to make sure that it fits. So I had brought the half-knit sock with me in my purse. I tried to get her to take off her shoe in the restaurant and try on the sock for me. You know, very discreetly. But she refused. She said that you're required to wear shoes in a restaurant.

She'll be home tonight. And I'll be getting that sock onto her foot, for sure!

Bebe.jpg Not exactly a birthday gift, but this package did arrive in Two Swans' mail on Wednesday. It's 10 balls of Kidsilk Haze in the soft pink color "Bebe." It has been on backorder only since January!

Posted by Karen at November 19, 2004 12:04 PM

Ooh, that KSH looks pretty! I hope Jennie's sock fits, and that she is properly appreciative! It is nice that everyone made it out to dinner. That sounds like a great evening.

Posted by: Anne at November 19, 2004 10:31 PM

Joyful birthday wishes! The Kidsilk Haze is lovely too.

Posted by: Janice in GA at November 19, 2004 11:46 PM