October 21, 2004


They say confession is good for the soul. So I'll just get this off my chest right away: I played hookey from Guild yesterday, so that I could stay home and make sure that the Red Sox won. (That first inning was such a cakewalk, though, I did think about jumping in the car and going to Guild after all.) I knitted while watching the game, of course, and discovered during the ninth inning that I had 6 fewer stitches on the left side of the center marker than I did on the right. Somehow, four rows back, I had missed some yarnovers. Aargh.

And after the Red Sox secured their American League Championship, I set aside the knitting and played a game with Allegra. Anyone recognize this?

Karis 008.jpg

From time to time, I've just gotta indulge my Inner Brat. And this was a recent score on eBay . . . a bit of nostalgia from my childhood . . . something I've gotten into insane bidding wars over, and been the loser of, recently. But of course, word gets around on eBay as to what the hot items are, and another of these games was listed as a Buy-It-Now item. Didn't need to ask me twice!

On the drive to school this morning, Allegra said to me how much she liked playing my game last night. (Post in the comments what you guess this game to be!)

And you know, much as I am devoted to my Guild, I know that going to last night's meeting would not have measured up to making this connection with my child, sharing this game from my childhood with her.

I hear that my dear friend Kit won Best of Show at the Guild meeting for her felted hat. And I tell you, there's no way that either my felted beret from last February, or the orange-and-pink yet-to-be-felted cell phone bag would have been a contender against her hat.

Yesterday morning I spent knitting while waiting for 60 bales of hay to be delivered, as well as knitting during the ALCS baseball game. After the baseball game, after playing the board game with Allegra, I fixed my missing six stitches by putting a fan and a feather on smaller bamboo needles, tinking that section down to the error, picking up the missing YOs, and knitting back up. Yes, I was holding my breath the entire time! But what did I have to lose? It was laddering down, or else tinking back and then re-knitting four entire rows of 200-plus stitches per row.

And I've found some time to knit today. The Karis poncho continues to grow.

Karis 006.jpg

Another confession: I had a Duh! moment, about four rows into the body of this poncho, when I realized that the stitch pattern is feather and fan. I didn't recognize that from the photo in the magazine. The beautiful hem edging, as well as the fact that this feather and fan has increases and so goes off at an angle, distracted me so much that I did not recognize the feather and fan. I'm not a big fan of feather and fan stitch, and so wasn't familiar with it enough to recognize it from the stitch directions, which are written and not charted. But the good thing about feather and fan is that it is easily memorized and knits quickly.

As of this writing, I have finished the first lengthwise repeat (of two) of the feather and fan body. Can't wait to get to that beeyootiful hem edging!

Posted by Karen at October 21, 2004 07:06 PM

I don't recognize the game, but I have to mention that the way I make sure the Red Sox win is to NOT watch. I have taken the same approach to the presidential debates.

Posted by: CarolineF at October 22, 2004 01:07 PM

The camp Granada game? I never got into kids' games, though, I have to admit, even as a kid.

Posted by: Sheila at October 22, 2004 07:15 PM