October 18, 2004


This coming Wednesday, the Seattle Knitters' Guild is holding its annual fashion show, where Guild members get to show off things that they've knitted. This year, it's all about felted items.

I've been knitting this little goodie, off and on, since February. I even had the pleasure of working on its little Fair Isle self at the Ferals meeting last Monday, when, simultaneously and miraculously, I finished the knitting at exactly the same moment that I had to leave. (How many times does the amount of knitting you have to do equal the amount of minutes you have to do it in? It's a rare occurrence, for me.)

Karis 002.jpg

I know you're thinking that it's a long hat, pictured upside down. In fact, it's supposed to felt down into a small purse, something you can tuck your cell phone into. The pattern is from Knit One, Felt Two, which shows it in orange and hot pink. My teenaged daughter Jennie thought it was cute, and so I knitted it with some Jamieson Shetland DK that I had on hand: Cornfield, Lemon, Sorbet, Blossom.

Maybe the fact that this project has dragged on since February tells you just how unenthused I am about my color combination. Furthermore, I bought some Pony Pearl needles for this project -- I must've been trying to entice Jennie into knitting it, as this project would be a good one for a first effort in Fair Isle -- and I just did not enjoy using these needles, especially having so few stitches in a round on dpns.

Meanwhile, I've bought for the store some other colors of DK, including Buttercup and Flax, both of which work much better with the Cornfield than the present Cornfield and Lemon combination; the Lemon is just too wimpy to stand up to the Cornfield. Wait, let me say that more positively, as the Lemon is one of my favorite colors, act'lly: The Cornfield overpowers the Lemon.

I think my Cornfield and Lemon purse is so ugly, I don't even feel like felting it. But there is this, though: Guild members will vote for four categories of felted items: funkiest, funniest, favorite, and most beautiful. This purse hasn't a prayer for most beautiful . . . Hmmm. . . Maybe it could be in the running for funkiest?

So, Dear Reader, what are your thoughts about orange and hot pink? Trend, or trouble?

And, just as I am making progress on the Karis poncho, just as I am catching up to the fashion trends, I see today's headline on MSN is "Friends don't let friends wear ponchos." Here's a photo of my "doily on steroids:"

Karis 003.jpg

I finished the edging, also known as the collar, over the weekend, and started working on the body. I've read some advice on the Rowan list about knitting the poncho in the round, but I couldn't wrap my brain around that advice on Saturday, so am working back-and-forth as the pattern directs.

Here's a tip, concerning the cast-on for the edging. I was eager to get started, and went with the long tail cast-on. However, as the lace gets started, the long tail cast-on gets a little bunched and distorted. If I were to do it again, I would use a crocheted cast-on, which would allow a stitch's worth of space to each stitch on the following rows. (I like the crocheted cast-on that Sally Melville uses in her books.)

Here's my cast-on:

Karis 005.jpg

Not bad, but not as straight as it could be.

For the bind-off, I used the stretchy one that Evelyn Clark used for the Flower Basket Shawl. Notice how it leaves the lace nice and straight, doesn't pull at all.

Karis 004.jpg

Posted by Karen at October 18, 2004 01:13 PM

Boy, have you been busy. That is an impressive variety of projects you have going there. I rather like the sunny colors in your cell phone bag, and am interested to see what it looks like, felted.

Posted by: Anne at October 20, 2004 06:44 PM