October 09, 2004

Only Eight More Rows

flowerbasket 006.jpg

Only eight more rows to go on the Flower Basket Shawl! I'm going to settle in for an evening of knitting. (Yarn is Kidsilk Haze, a Two Swans favorite!)

flowerbasket 007.jpg

Lady may be on the opposite side of the fence from Bobby, but that doesn't stop her from thinking that she should herd him! Border collies are working dogs, and as is typical of her breed, Lady would rather herd than eat, sleep, or anything else.

We've lived here at the Chateau for exactly one year, as of yesterday. At our old house, Lady had complete access to the horse pasture all day -- and she put in her hours, leading the horses around. Those patches of her coat that are so beautifully white now often were green, before, because she loves to roll in horse manure. Here at the new house, we rarely let her into the pasture, so she herds the cats and the birds, instead.

Posted by Karen at October 9, 2004 06:54 PM